Spain University Scholarship Application 2022/2023 Award Approval Guide

Do You have the dream to Study abroad under Sponsorship Programs Like Scholarships and Visa awards? On this page, we have the List of 76 Spain University Scholarship Applications you can start Your Application today and gain the Merit list award on the go.


Spain University Scholarship Application

Spain is one of the countries in Southwestern Europe located in the Iberian Peninsula with amazing state-of-the-art facilities for learning with universities in the country totaling about 76 of which 45 are owned federal government and 35 are owned by the catholic church.

So, therefore, do you have a dream for scholarship studies in Spain, or have you been battling with the application for scholarship in Spain without any positive results, is here to walk you through with steps involved


A scholarship is a grant-in-aid to a student according to the oxford advanced learner dictionary. The scholarship is to a student one of the greatest ways to achieve a great dream if awarded but unfortunately not up to 5% of the total number of applicants per year succeeds in securing this prestigious award, that is why presents to you the best steps to take to further realize your dreams.

Step By Step Process To  Spain University Scholarship Application

You have more on the below list to understand and follow up once you have made your decision by first choosing the type of Spain University Scholarship Application that will be best for you:

Scholarship Types:

Spanish universities have criteria by which they award individuals scholarships or grants as the case may be and one of those criteria categorizes the scholarships into types. this includes the following;

1) The Spanish Government type:

This is awarded by the Spanish federal ministry of education and their offer is limited and is usually for postgraduates who are undertaking a research study. this type usually has a limited slot as funding is done by the government.


2) The Private Organization type:

This type of scholarship is offered by a private organization which in most cases The Catholic Church although some other private companies can also be sponsored in this case by the church. This type is open for both undergraduates, MSc students, Ph.D. students, etc.

For the Government Scholarship type, applicants/students must be a resident in Spain or a citizen of a European Union member state residing in Spain. The private Organization type is usually open to international students who aren’t residents of Spain.
So therefore applicants must know that the first thing to do is to check the type of scholarship before beginning their application in the first place.

Complete Requirement/Eligibility Status:

Applicants must make sure he/she has read and understood every detail of the scholarship, making sure they met the eligibility status and at the same time has the required documents ready before going ahead to begin the application this is because it is worthy to note that you are been chosen for a prestigious award of any nature, meeting the eligibility and possessing the required documents is always the key before any other thing comes in place.

Applicants Should Have An Organized Curriculum Vitae(CV):

Most of the universities or the awarding organizations approve students applications based on their CV, so let it be in your mind to take your time and create a good CV ahead of your application. Don’t begin your application without an excellent CV in hand.

Proficiency In the Spanish Language:

It is worthy of note that in Spain, the official language is Spanish. so anyone who wishes to study in Spain must have Spanish Proficiency attached to his/her CV
so, the applicant must endeavor to acquire this Proficiency before beginning any application because almost all the universities courses are in Spanish Universities curriculum.

Good Profile Or Reputation:

Applicants must posses good reputation or good profile because most of the organizations awarding the scholarship or grants in those universities can sometimes go to extent of googling your name and if your social media accounts isn’t a good one, you can stand the chance of losing your application. So having a good profile background is a great an added advantage.

Keep Abreast Of Time With News Updates:

Applicants must note that scholarship both locally or internationally comes with high competition. Applicants should also note that most of this scholarship awards are once in a year and as a result its necessary for an intending applicants to keep an eye on the school portal if he/she already have one or preferably keep an eye of latest news by subscribing to school newsletter.

Early Submission Of Your Application:

Applicants must take note henceforth that late application is not welcomed by most of the originations or the universities. So therefore from now, be an early bird in applying for any of the scholarship in Spain if you desire your application to have a granting access.
Don’t wait for the deadline to approach before you begin your application.

Cross Check Your Details Before Final Submission:

Unfortunately, many applicants don’t take cognizance of this minor but important thing and click submit button. Always take your time to go through your details and ensure all typographical errors have to be clear successfully. So, therefore at all cost check for all typographical errors before submitting your application.

Requirement Eligibility For Scholarship Studies in Spain:

The requirement above depends on the status of the applicants; the undergraduate, Msc students, PhD students and fellowships all vary although having the ability to speak Spanish is an added advantage.

Eligibility Requirements For Undergraduates:

For undergraduates who wish to apply for scholarship in any of the 76 universities take note of the following requirements

  • The applicant must have five(5) distinctions for any of their intending respective course(s)
  • He or she must have an outstanding academic records
  • The applicants must obtain a letter of recommendation from an ordained priest in a catholic church or any higher public figure
  • Proficiency in the Spanish language must be good
  • Applicants must be in the financial need of the award

Eligibility Requirements For MSc Students:

The applicants must a have a minimum of second class upper division in his/her cumulative grade point(CGP)

  • Applicants must obtain a letter of recommendation from either a priest in a Catholic church or a high public figure
  • The applicant must have proficiency in the Spanish language

Eligibility Requirements For Ph.D. Students:

The applicants must obtain a letter of recommendation from the university he or she has thought

Applicants must be a citizen of Spain or the European Member States.

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