WhatsApp 4G released New | WhatsApp Video/Audio Call Platform

New 4G released WhatsApp


WhatsApp Video/Audio Call has made free calls to your friends possible via Phone or Other internet connection and not cellular voice plan, even if they are in another country. This currently available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phones and BlackBerry etc. Data charges may apply.

You can’t access emergency service numbers through whatsApp. An alternative communication arrangement must be made to make emergency calls.

How to Dial a Number In WhatsApp Video/Audio Call

WhatsApp Video/Audio Call

To dail a number or place a call,Simply Connect your Phone Internet then open the chat with the person whose number you want to call and tap on the phone button in the top right corner of the phone.

How to Receive a WhatsApp Video/Audio Call

When you recieve a call and whatsapp is closed, any call notification that you may receive will depend on your notification settings. When you are in whatsapp, regardless of your notification settings, you will then have the option to accept, decline, decline with a quick massage, or decline and set reminder.

How to Chat While on WhatsApp Video/Audio Call

You can chat while making call, Pick the call and tap on the speak out and then tap on the massage icon then write your massage. You can also write to others by simply going back and selecting the person you want to write.

More Features about WhatsApp Calls

Features like private messages without showing your number, free wifi mode, video calling, choose who views your profile picture, free call e.t.c, this is only for invited users, so i am inviting you to download now and you will be asked to Click on Here to get started on the WhatsApp Video/Audio call. It will also help make your experience on WhatsApp Chatting Platform more better and more Fun.

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