Travel Insurance for international travelers, students, workers and immigrants

Travel insurance policy – Helpful guide regarding the best means to get insurance for global travelers, students/ trainees, employees as well as immigrants.


One of the most fundamental parts of planning for a journey abroad is buying travel insurance coverage. Something a great deal of individuals often tends to neglect. Obtaining travel insurance coverage, otherwise referred to as trip insurance coverage or travel protection can save you from unnecessary as well as unforeseen financial losses if you need to terminate the journey or from a large medical cost that you can not manage.

What is Travel Health Insurance?

Travel insurance is a form of insurance coverage (or protection) that is implied to cover all or part of the expense of any kind of medical costs that you incur while abroad, trip termination, stolen or lost luggage, travel delays, and so on.


A traveling insurance policy is meant to cover costs for things that are unforeseen that take place after the traveling insurance plan comes into effect. Therefore, it typically does not include medical insurance coverage for any type of pre-existing conditions, such as diabetic issues or pregnancy.

On the same note, if you buy a travel insurance policy after an event has taken place, it goes without claiming that the insurer will not cover it. Remember, that a travel insurance policy is not the same as international health insurance, which is meant for ex-pats as well as trainees/ students that are not technically simply visiting. However, below is a thorough description of the differences between a travel insurance policy and international health insurance.

What Does Travel Insurance Policy Cover?

Many travel insurance policies cover the following, although the insurance coverage varies from one company to the various others, and also from one particular plan to the other:

Medical treatment:

If you get involved in an accident or get ill during your journey, the travel insurance policy will certainly cover medical professional examinations and appointments, emergency treatment, a hospital stay, surgical treatment, prescription medicines as well as medication, and so on.


Trip interruption, or cancellation:

You will certainly be covered for any kind of lost traveling luggage and also or lodging expenses if your journey is terminated or delayed for some reason. The reasons are considered appropriate for reimbursement modification according to the plan. You can likewise select to buy a “Cancel For Any Reason” add-on to your existing insurance plan.

Repatriation of remains

When it comes to death. The insurance plan can additionally include abroad funeral service costs. Lost, stolen, or damaged properties do not result from carelessness.

Missed trip

If the flight you missed out on was with no mistake of your very own. That is to say, the airline company rescheduled or had a delay, the insurer will certainly cover any kind of costs associated with it.
Such as:

  • Return of a minor
  • Hijacking

Further travel insurance policy coverage

There are some travel insurance policy plans which will certainly cover things that are beyond the “basic” insurance coverage. However, you will certainly need to pay in addition to the normal cost. This can include:

  • AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment).
  • A severe onset of pre-existing conditions
  • Oral protection
  • Rental automobile insurance coverage
  • Unsafe sporting activities medical insurance coverage
  • Natural catastrophe protection
  • Terrorism insurance coverage
  • Terminate for any reason travel insurance policy

What is not Included in Travel Medical Insurance?

Many traveling insurance providers generally decline protection for the following circumstances:

Pre-existing medical conditions:

If you have an illness such as diabetic issues, the insurer will typically not cover any kind of expenses associated with the illness, such as medicines or medical professional examinations. Some insurance may, nevertheless, cover the severe onset of a pre-existing condition.

Moreover, if you are taking a trip while pregnant, the travel insurance provider will typically not cover any type of costs connected to the pregnancy, such as giving birth, general check-ups, or early morning health issues. There are some insurance plans which provide travel insurance coverage for issues of pregnancy.

  • medical treatment as a result of medication or alcohol usage.
  • medical treatment as a result of careless actions and/or participating in unsafe sporting activities.
  • Travel insurance coverage for termination during an ongoing event (eg. extreme weather conditions).
  • Taking a trip ravel against government advice.

Does Travel Insurance Policy Have Disability Coverage Insurance Coverage}?

Yes, some travel insurance providers do have protection for disabilities as well as pre-existing conditions, but not all. Disability travel insurance coverage is not included in plans by default and also, in most situations, handicapped individuals will certainly need to pay even more to obtain the extra protection they require.

Moreover, you can discover protection for the following circumstances (in addition to the basic travel insurance policy protection):

  • Medical treatment for your disability/pre-existing condition.
  • Loss or damage of handicap and movement equipment
  • Replacement of important medicine
  • Replacement of an important profession

Ultimately, it comes down on a case-by-case basis and you need to get in touch with a travel insurance provider to go over exactly how your disability fits into their insurance plans.

The insurance coverage for physical disability modifications depends on the kind of disability it is as well as whether it is “steady”.

What Activities Are Covered by Travel Insurance Policy?

Every traveling insurance provider has its very own plan regulations concerning what they will certainly protect. Nevertheless, in most situations, travel insurance companies will certainly protect you if you get involved in an accident doing one of the following activities:

  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Surfing
  • Biking
  • Leisure sporting activities

Also, the following activities might be covered by some insurance companies under certain situations:

  • Snowboarding (if it is done during the winter sports period),
  • Scuba diving (if it is done under the guidance of accredited trainers and just up to a specific depth, normally 10-30 meters).
  • Abseiling and rock climbing (if you have to make use of special equipment, you will likely not be covered).
  • Cruising (just within a brief range from the coast).
  • Wild water rafting (just for rapids 1, 2, and 3).
  • Bungee leaping (depending on the particular plan).

What Activities Are Not Covered by Travel Insurance Policy?

There are specific vacation activities that travel insurers do not provide any kind of protection for, such as:

  • Base leaping
  • Off-the-season snowboarding
  • Motorbiking and motor racing
  • Hunting
  • Taking part in professional sporting activities
  • Running with bulls

If possible, your traveling insurance provider does protect any one of the aforementioned activities, and the expense of the general plan will certainly be greater.

How to Select the Best Travel Insurance Policy

There is no solitary response to this sort of inquiry considering that it depends on your particular requirements as well as the sort of journey you are taking. Nonetheless, when looking for the ideal travel insurance plan for your demands, you have to look for the following features:

  • The genuine travel insurance provider: Ensure that you’re buying your plan from a credible company.
  • The protection that the plan provides: Is everything you consider essential covered? For instance, do you have protection for medical costs? How much will you need to pay from your very own pocket before the insurer steps in? What vacation activities are covered by your insurance policy? If you’re going snowboarding, you will likely desire a plan which will certainly cover skiing-related crashes, etc.
  • Is repatriation covered?: Is there reimbursement for trip interruption or termination, and if yes, what’s the nature of it? Will you be covered if a person steals your personal belongings?
  • The cost of the plan: See whether the price of the plan is within your cost range but at the same time, remember that affordable plans have limited insurance coverage. Nonetheless, that does not imply you can not make use of some useful money-saving tricks.

How to Obtain Insurance Coverage for International Traveling?

You can obtain a travel insurance policy online, through brokers that are kind of middlemen that work directly with travel insurance providers. This is typically the best method since they only collaborate with reliable companies and also can provide travel insurance policies personalized to your demands, that is to say, you do not need to go pursue insurers on your own.

Furthermore, when choosing what travel insurance policy to buy, it is very important to review as well as compare various plans, so you understand what you are paying for. Below are the steps you require to go through when buying a travel insurance policy for abroad traveling:

  • Determine how much insurance coverage you need
  • Explore online
  • Figure out if the plan protects where you are going
  • Read the fine print thoroughly
  • Purchase the travel insurance plan early

Determine How Much Coverage You Need

When determining how much protection you require, you need to consider where you are going, what activities you will certainly do, the length of time you are staying, as well as what you’re taking with you. Therefore, you should always select a plan which covers at the very least medical aid, trip termination, and also lost/stolen travel luggage.

Moreover, when it comes to medical travel insurance coverage, do not opt for the most affordable option because those normally have extremely limited protection. If you do have a medical emergency while abroad, you might be left with a huge medical bill that you need to pay primarily yourself. If you plan to take valuable things with you, you might want to insure them in case they are stolen or lost.

You can consider higher premiums and even more protected factors for trip termination if the trip is extremely expensive. Furthermore, if you are going snowboarding (or some other vacation activity) make certain it is included in your plan also.

Explore Online

There are a lot of travel insurance policy comparison websites, such as Travelers Coverage, that make it exceptionally simple to contrast between various insurance plans. As soon as you understand what sort of protection you need, it is very easy to compare between plans and also select the one that’s best for you.

Read the Fine Print Thoroughly

You must check out the fine print before you purchase the plan. There can be a great deal of complicated or deceptive claims, that make you assume you have a lot more protection than you do. Similarly, you might not know you’re qualified to make an insurance claim unless you thoroughly read the fine print, tedious as it may be.

Purchase the Travel Insurance Plan Early

It is additionally essential to purchase the travel insurance plan as soon as you can, to ensure that in case you require to terminate, you will certainly be covered for any type of financial losses. You will certainly never get a 100% refund of your money, but depending on the plan, you might be able to get an excellent percentage of it back.

When is the Best Time to Get Insurance Coverage?

The recommended time to buy a travel insurance policy is within 15 days from the day you scheduled your journey or began spending for it/made your initial deposit. As the departure date nears, and you make more deposits, you can include them in your protection also. However, if you buy your insurance policy last minute or after 15 days have passed from the day you scheduled the journey, you might not be able to get complete protection.

Furthermore, if a natural catastrophe such as a storm occurs or is anticipated to take place at your desired destination, and you purchase an insurance policy after it has been warned, trip termination will certainly not be covered in this situation.

How Does International Travel Insurance Work?

As soon as you buy a travel insurance policy, if any one of the unfavorable events covered under the plan takes place, you can file a claim with the insurer and they will certainly reimburse part or every one of the expenses, depending on the plan regulations. For instance, if you fall ill while you are abroad, you can get the physician’s note and medical expenses as well as send them to the insurer to file a claim for re-reimbursement.

Although most individuals think a travel insurance policy just covers travel medical insurance, there’s a lot more to it. It additionally covers any type of expenses that you might experience if you need to suddenly terminate your journey if your travel luggage or any other individual valuables are stolen or lost, along with repatriation of remains in case of death.

How to Submit a Travel Insurance Claim

You need to submit the insurance claim with your travel provider immediately. For this, you require all the supporting files you can get if you want the company to really consider your insurance claim genuine and also cover it. Examples include:

If you need medical support

If you get involved in an accident or end up being ill during your journey abroad, you need to conserve the medical expenses, doctor notes, as well as any other documents that verify you need medical support. As soon as you send your insurance claim, the insurer will certainly reimburse the expenses of your treatment. In nations like the United States, if you have travel medical insurance with a reputable medical insurance company, the healthcare facility might be able to bill the expenses straight to the insurer.

Stolen belongings or an automobile accident.

If your valuables are stolen or you get involved in an automobile accident while you are on your trip, you need to contact your travel insurance provider immediately to find out exactly how to continue. You should additionally submit a police report, as well as conserve the evidence for when you make the insurance claim.

Trip termination

You need to provide a reason for it to the insurance provider if you have to terminate your trip. For instance, if the reason was work-related, include a letter from your employer.  If the reason was health-related, include a  physician’s note, etc.


Ensure to contact your travel insurance policy providers before you leave the nation you are going to so you understand what files you require when making the insurance claim. When making the insurance claim, ensure to contact your travel insurance providers before you leave for the nation you are going to so you understand what files you require.

In certain cases, travel insurance policy providers need that you contact them promptly in case something occurs. Most importantly, review the insurance plan thoroughly to figure out the specific steps your travel insurance provider needs you to take to make an insurance claim. Make duplicates of any kind of documents that verify you are qualified for reimbursement.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Policy Cost?

As a basic policy, the price of your travel insurance policy is between 4% to 12% of the total expense of your journey. A lot more expensive trips will typically cost even more to insure simply because if the trip is terminated somehow, the amount of money that the travel insurance provider will certainly need to reimburse is higher. Nonetheless, the price also changes depending on the list of factors below:

The protection you require

Plans with simply standard health insurance coverage will certainly cost less than plans that consist of various other factors also, such as trip termination, theft of belongings, etc. Even on simply standard medical insurance, there are various degrees of insurance coverage, which can influence the price of the insurance policy.

The period of your trip

The same policy, with the same amount of protection, will certainly cost even more for a journey of thirty days than it will if you are just taking a trip for just one week or a couple of days. The number of individuals is included in your plan. Similarly, if you just need to cover on your own in the insurance plan, it will certainly be cheaper than if you are buying medical insurance for your whole family.

Your age

Costs of travel insurance policies rise together with the age of the traveler. Individuals over the age of 65 generally pay much more for plans because they are most likely to make an insurance claim, whereas if you have children, you might be able to include them in your plan without any additional costs.

Your destination

Some travel insurance providers additionally consider where you are taking a trip to when valuing your plan given that some locations have a higher level of danger than others.

Is Medical Insurance Coverage for Traveling Worth It?

Whether travel insurance coverage deserves it comes down to how much you stand to lose if the journey is terminated. If you have prepaid your resort room, flight ticket, as well as various other activities which amount to a large amount, then obtaining a travel insurance policy which is a portion of that cost might deserve it.

Nonetheless, if you are taking a trip to remain with family members, and also have bought an affordable round-trip ticket, you do not take the chance of losing that much, so a travel insurance policy, in this situation, might simply be a waste of money.

One more instance when travel insurance coverage is essential is if you are taking a trip to a nation with high expenses of healthcare, such as the United States. If you get ill or are involved in an accident in a nation with high costs of healthcare, the medical costs can easily skyrocket to tens if not thousands of dollars, so the insurance policy price is simply a portion of it.

Eventually, it depends on you to evaluate the chances as well as determine whether your journey needs insurance coverage or otherwise.

How to Conserve Money on Travel Insurance Policy

Although it is a well-known truth that traveling insurance plans with reduced costs have much less protection and might wind up costing much more if you require to make an insurance claim, you can still make smart purchases and save money on your travel insurance policy.

Do not purchase from your travel agency or airline company. If you schedule a trip or flight, the trip or airline companies will often provide free traveling coverage as a package offer you schedule a trip or flight. Although it is convenient, in most cases, they have extra charges, and also you will certainly end up paying much more for travel insurance than you require or what you are obtaining.

See if you can buy it online

This is not just much better because it enables you to compare even more plans via comparison websites, but a great deal of travel insurance providers provide discount rates for online purchases.

Purchase it early

Shop for a travel insurance policy as quickly as you schedule a journey because it will certainly cover any kind of expenses that take place between then and the moment the trip occurs.

Know what you are insuring

The term “better safe than sorry” might hold, however, there is also such a thing as too risk-free. For instance, if you have a refundable trip, do not obtain reimbursement insurance coverage, given that travel insurance providers will just cover non-refundable trips in either case.  Do not obtain high premiums on luggage loss/theft if you’re not taking valuable things with you.

Get a group insurance policy

If you are taking a trip as a family, obtaining group travel insurance coverage is more affordable than getting it for every member separately. Getting group travel insurance coverage is less expensive than getting it for each member separately if you are taking a trip as a family.

If you take a trip often, get a yearly, multi-trip plan instead of a brand-new plan each time you take a trip. Generally, with a yearly plan, there is a minimal period you are covered for each time you leave the nation.

Examine if you currently have travel insurance coverage through your credit card

Check if you already have travel insurance coverage through your credit card.

Moreover, keep in mind: You should not attempt to conserve money on a travel insurance policy by obtaining a plan with poor insurance coverage or high deductible/excess (the amount you need to pay from your very own pocket before the insurer covers the remainder). If you select a travel insurance policy with a high insurance deductible}, the plan itself will certainly be much less expensive, however, if you need to make an insurance claim, you’ll be losing even more money in the long run.

What is Bank Card Travel Insurance Policy?

Several bank card has their very own “build-in” travel insurance coverage if you make use of the card to make purchases. It will certainly provide insurance coverage for the usual things, like medical emergencies, termination, as well as loss/theft of individual possessions.

Points to understand about bank card travel insurance policy:

You need to pay a yearly charge for it, which is about $100 to $400 annually, depending on the financial institution. The card protects trip termination, interruption, or delay, lost luggage, rental automobile insurance coverage, travel accident insurance coverage, as well as insurance coverage for emergency evacuation. Medical travel insurance coverage is additional, which implies it normally just covers the component that your normal travel insurance plan does not.

Furthermore, it will certainly trigger after you purchase a trip ticket or, in many cases, book a resort. There is generally a minimum amount you need to pay for the ticket (just about, $400) for you to be qualified for travel insurance coverage. If you pay much less, your card travel insurance coverage will not trigger.

Credit or bank card travel insurance coverage has a greater deductible/excess than the normal travel insurance policy. That implies you need to pay even more from your pocket before the insurance policy takes care of it.

There is typically no age or location restriction. Moreover, you might need to inform the financial institution ahead of time if you intend to make use of travel insurance coverage from your credit card.
You will not be covered if you pay by any various other methods.

How to Complain Concerning an Insurance Company

You have the right to file a complaint if you experience issues with your travel insurance policy provider and also think you’re being treated unjustly. Generally, all travel insurer have their very own internal complaint procedures. If you can not get to an option with your travel insurance provider, then you have the alternative of an external dispute resolution scheme. You have the alternative of resorting to an outside disagreement resolution scheme if you can not get to an option with your travel insurance policy provider. But initially, ensure that you have a right to complain, to begin with.

Review the insurance policy regulations thoroughly. Look for any kind of fine print that will certainly clarify or place into your point of view your circumstance. Examine the “exemptions” checklist— the activities the insurance plan does not offer protection for. Consider your circumstance. Are you making the insurance claim because you had an accident as a result of “carelessness”, or did you leave your travel luggage neglected, so it was stolen?

Many insurance plans do not cover injuries associated with extreme sporting activities as well as negligent practices. Even snowboarding is often off-limits if it takes place during the off-season. Nonetheless, if you have checked out all the small print, have all the supporting paperwork, and you highly think you have been wronged, the first thing you can do is make a written complaint to the travel insurance provider straight. There must be a section of the company which manages client complaints, with the ideal procedure.

You need to give it a couple of weeks for them to reply to your complaint. If a resolution is not gotten to with the company directly, then you can resort to a financial disagreement resolution authority. Depending on your nation, there are various companies or organizations you can resort to when you need to get to a resolution to a financial disagreement, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK or the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) in Australia.

In nations like the United States, if you have travel health insurance coverage with a trustworthy health insurance company, the healthcare facility might be able to bill the expenses straight to the insurer. Even on a simple standard health insurance policy, there are various degrees of protection, which can influence the price of the insurance plan.

Costs of travel insurance policy rise along with the age of the traveler. If you come across issues with your travel insurance provider and think you’re being dealt with unjustly, you have the right to submit a complaint. Generally, all travel insurance companies have their very own internal complaint procedures.


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