Portable Attachable HD 360X – Phone Camera lenses

HD 360X zoom lens

HD 360X – Phone Camera lenses: Wow!!!, As some people will shout cause they see that you use your phone as a digital camera. No need to shout, Technology has really gotten to the extent that things are built at UN-explainable way, i.e people hardly understand what is been built unless it’s was explained to them. Now technology has built another one.

This time is very incredible, as it make your android phone take camera like digital camera. It is called HD 360X – Phone Camera lenses, an incredible zoom lens.
Take Professional Pictures on your phone.

How to use this HD 360X – Phone camera lens.

You pick it and attach it to your phone’s top side, in front of your Camera, as it is a portable device. Then you can zoom it to the length you want and take your picture.

HD 360X - Phone Camera lenses

If you intend venturing into a phone studio business, and you don’t have money to buy your self a Digital Camera because it’s too costly, and you have an android phone, don’t worry this article is for you.

Use this opportunity well, because technology has make your dreams come through by producing an android phone attachable lens, which you can buy at a cheap rate, cheaper than Digital camera.

The most interesting part of it, is that it snaps an object at any distance and it still maintain that it’s original clear picture quality. This HD 360X – Phone camera lens, zooms 8 times the lens of your phone, so you can imagine the megapixel of your phone lens, if your phone lens is 8MP, 13MP or higher, it means is times 8 of it, and still very clear.

3 Responses to Portable Attachable HD 360X – Phone Camera lenses

  1. Myra manalad says:

    Good day just want to ask if my order hd360x is different to hd360 zoom.i think i choose the wrong item.pls response as soon as possible.the photos on your promo is different from what i purchased.thank you.

    • crewfetch says:

      it has many designs and versions… send the picture of the one you purchased to my email. crewfetch01@gmail.com. i will like to compare the differences if there’s any.

  2. scott samways says:

    Looking for a device like this that will take close ups vs long range.
    something that can take a clear shot I(one) foot away.

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