North Korea Missile – US President Donald Trump Says Kim Jong-un’s Message, Heard Loud and Clear.

North Korea

North Korea Missile – After firing ballistic missiles over to japan with the south retaliating by bombing its border. US president Donald Trump declared North Korea’s president’s message heard loud and clear after the korea’s president lunched a ballistic missile over a panicked Japan.

The South dropped bombs near the North in response to the missile launch over Japan.
Four 5-15K fighter jets dropped eight MK-84 bombs on targets at a military field near the border

North Korea launched a missile over Japan at around 6am local time this morning.

The North Korean president fired a missile over Japan prompting the country’s government to issue a major warning. with US UN representative

Nikki Haley declaring “something serious has to happen”as tensions boil and kim threatening “catastrophic consequences” after his F-15k fighter jets dropping eight MK-84 bombs on targets at a military field.
Haley in a briefing today said “I think something serious has to be done, enough is enough,”

North Korea

South Korea’s President Moon Jae ordered the show of “overwhelming” force against Pyongyang as he admitted UN sanctions on North Korea are failing to keep the despot in line.

According to South Korea’s Colonel Lee Kuk-no who warned the north if it threatens the security of the people of South Korea and its South Korea-US alliance with their nuclear weapons and missiles, its air forces will not hesitate to exterminate the leadership of North Korea with a strong strike capabilities.

The North Korea who accused the US of driving the Korean peninsula towards “an extreme level of explosion” and declared it will respond with “tough counter-measures” as tensions in the region near boiling point.

With the country’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Han Tae Song, saying: “Now that the US has openly declared its hostile intention towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, by waging aggressive joint military exercises despite repeated warnings… my country has every reason to respond with tough counter-measures as an exercise of its right to self defense. The US should be wholly responsible for the catastrophic consequences it will entail.” with the japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe branding the launch as a ‘most serious and grave threat.

With the US president saying”The world has received North Korea’s latest message loud and clear: this regime has signaled its contempt for its neighbours, for all members of the United Nations, and for minimum standards of acceptable international behaviour.

The South also released footage of new missiles, which can travel as far as 497 miles and are close to being operationally deployed, being tested as world leaders rallied to condemn the tubby tyrant.

Japanese residents were forced to hide underground after North Korea launched a missile over the country and into the Pacific Ocean at 6am local time – escalating nuclear fears to a new height.

Officials said it was the first time the communist state has fired a mid-range ballistic missile designed to carry a nuclear payload over Japan before it splashed into the northern Pacific Ocean.

The missile which was lunched at 6am before breaking into pieces and plunging into the ocean in what is thought to be another threat against the US territory Guam, as any lunch going in the direction of the US territory of Guam would also have to pass through the Japanese airspace.

It is likely the longest range launch ever undertaken by Kim Jong-un’s nation flying over a key ally of the United States in the region and was the first time North Korea has fired a rocket over Japan since 2009.

The missile traveled around 1,677 miles before it broke into three pieces and landed in the sea off the east coast of Hokkaido, according to NHK. Causing the Government to send sirens blared in the northern communities under the missile’s fight path, as residents receive official text message that reads “Missile passing. Missile passing.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) conducted a ballistic missile launch in Sunan, Pyongyang, on August 29.

“The Government of the Republic of Korea (ROK) condemns in the strongest terms this provocation by the DPRK which was conducted yet again despite the firm message of the international community conveyed through the adoption of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2371 in response to the repeated provocations of the DPRK.

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“The DPRK regime should clearly understand that denuclearization is the only genuine path towards guaranteeing its security and economic development.”Instead of reckless provocations, the DPRK should promptly come out to the path of dialogue for denuclearization.

“If the DPRK continues its nuclear and missile provocations, the ROK government will respond strongly based upon a stalwart ROK-US alliance.”The ROK Government maintains a robust readiness posture capable of responding to any threats by the DPRK and will remain steadfast in safeguarding the lives of its people and the security of the nation.

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