New Technology: China Unveils Transit Elevated Bus (T.E.B)

Transit Elevated Bus

Technology is seriously going far and fast, Imagine a new built bus by china ( world biggest bus ) Called the Transit Elevated Bus (T.E.B), that has the capacity of about 300 passengers, which is a combination of 3 or 4 buses in 1.

Other car can drive under it and make there way to where they are going fast, because it has a gap under where other motors can drive. The Question they ask before building this bus is, what one way to get Commuter bus through gridlocked traffic? the Answer is to build one bus that can guild over Cars of course.

About This Transit Elevated Bus (T.E.B)

So China Unveils Transit Elevated Bus (T.E.B) and it completed its first road test in Qinhuangdao, China. this bus is about 72 Ft Long, 26 Ft Wide, 16 Ft Tall and can hold up to 300 passengers and can link to three other buses to form one huge bus. One Transit Elevated Bus (T.E.B) is equal to 40 Standard Buses.

As it is now, this Bus is a possible solution to china’s overcrowding problem, and soon it be the solution to other country’s overcrowding problem base on their motor and human traffic on the road.

One good thing about this Transit Elevated Bus (T.E.B) is that it runs on Electricity, cutting down on Possible Pollution, it show that this bus is Environmentally Friendly, it does not cause Air Pollution.










Transit Elevated Bus

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