New 4G | whatsapp 4G, Beware, it’s not real

New 4G

New 4G | whatsapp 4G, Beware, it’s not real: On your whatsapp chat platform, you will be told that whatsapp 4G in now released, and that you must install it, to enjoy the latest features on whatsapp. Features like private messages without showing your number, free wifi mode, video calling, choose who views your profile picture, free call e.t.c, this is only for invited users, so i am inviting you to download now and you will be asked to Click on this link Below to get started.

when you click this link, you will directed to a page where you will be told to invite at least 15 friends, before you will be able to start using whatsapp 4G version in your phone. Then i tell you that bad people are still using this new 4g whatsapp is out, to deceive people, i still remain on my grand to tell you that there are bad people looking for who to deceive and to get what they want as you click to there site.

New 4G is all about bad people, So Beware of them, it’s not real, Do not fall for them.

For more information and Questions / Answers About New WhatsApp 4G Click HERE


Updated: Click HERE to Download New WhatsApp Version

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