Naija Green Card | Get 5-50% Discount, Get Yours Now

Naija Green Card

Naija Green Card | Get 5-50% Discount, Get Yours Now: Good news For Nigerian Students and Youth Copers. Nigeria is getting Better By Introducing Naija Green Card, to help the Youths to get Dis-countable price in everything they buy.You Actually get from 5-50% Discount from every thing you bought around Nigeria with Naija Green Card As a Student or a youth Coper.

The Naija Green Card is a social security cover for this category of Nigerians. It is a medium that allows recognizable person or persons to access the privilege to save as they spend on goods and services.

The initiative has over 1000 corporate partners nationwide spanning a broad spectrum of service providers/products/business organisations who have signed partnership agreements to provide between 5 to 50 percent discounts to identifiable Nigerian students from all tertiary Institutions and youth corps members.

The reason why this platform are doing what we are doing is. they realize today, that the challenges that they face as a nation are affecting everybody.

But don’t forget that the youth populations are the ones in the height of the storm. How do I mean? If you have 27 states that cannot pay salaries and pensions, are they the ones that can give scholarships, sponsorships and grants to students? They most likely will not be able to do so.

Not because those governments are not willing to do but they practically can’t afford to do so.

“Today income is shrinking; the value of the Naira is dwindling by the day. What N10,000 could buy in January, it can’t buy it now.

As we began to look at this socio-economic realities, it beholds on us that if we must raise a successful generation that will carry on the mantle of leadership in the days to come, we must as a matter of fact, invest in the processes that will eventually lead to the next generation.

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The state (nation) must critically invest in the successor generation.
This is a factor that must not be missing.

“These students don’t work, and if they don’t work, where do they get money from? They get their money from their parents.

And the amount of money that goes to them from their parents is a margin of what they get as a way of salaries, allowances and other income stream. And like I said before, all of that is shrinking by the day.

The value of money is dropping, income dwindling, and capacity to make more money is shrinking.

So this is why we come up with this Nigerian Students and Youth Corps members’ Discount Card as a social security plan for this young people to give them insurance in this present reality.”

The Aim of “The project is not about promoting consumerism thereby creating further opportunities for students by way of saving as they spend, and directing traffic of prospective patrons to the partners’ products and services only. But it also has two other legs.

The one called academic village which promotes learning and; scholarship knowledge beyond borders.

This opens students to have access to lecturers and their publications outside their immediate institutions.

“Naija Green Card also avails students and corps members alike the opportunity to attain skill acquisition and empowerment from organisations who are partners like Gashion Designers Association of Nigeria.

Through this, young people who are card holders can acquire skill in tailoring and as such, make extra bucks to sustain themselves comfortably in school and outside school.”

If you are a corp Member or a Student in any University, you can get Discount in any thing you buy in Nigeria, both Transport.
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