MPOWER Scholarships To Study In USA And Canada For International Students

Maybe you have been looking for a way to get a free scholarship to study abroad. MPOWER global citizen scholarships are solely out to empower students to study in 350 different schools across USA and Canada. States states or Canada that are eligible for MPOWER scholarships continually change with time.


The body has different criteria and algorithms based on proprietary scoring of deciding the schools with higher potential of meeting the academic needs of their students. Some of these data are;

  • Graduation rates
  • Post-graduation employment rates and
  • Alumni earnings

Therefore, when thinking of schools to study with the Mpower scholarship, think of standard schools that make it to the list of world-class colleges and universities. Some examples of these schools are;


For more lists of the schools that are covered by the Mpower scholarship, visit the Mpower School list portal for the school of choice search.

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Who is eligible for the MPOWER scholarships

  • Be accepted or enrolled to study in one of the 350 schools in the USA and Canada.
  • You must be an international student from Asia, Africa and Latin America allowed studying in USA and Canada as applicable.

To be eligible to study in a USA school under the MPOWER global scholarship, you must belong to one of the 3 categories below

  1. A U.S permanent resident or green card holder
  2. Must be protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program
  3. Be an international student with a valid visa that permits study in the U.S.

For study in Canada

The applicant is either a Canadian permanent resident or has a valid Canadian study permit.


Categories of MPOWER scholarships

The Mpower scholarships are designed to accommodate so many categories of students in different areas and levels of educational pursuit. Some of the scholarships available in the MPOWER financing are;

MPOWER global citizenship scholarship

The MPOWER global citizenship scholarship is for outstanding students from all walks of life. These students are to prove in writing their zeal and vision to contribute to the welfare of humans through their studies.

Winners of the essay are to receive;

  1. A $5,000 grand prize scholarship to the most outstanding applicant worldwide
  2. $3,000 scholarship to one student each from the following four (4) regions. India, other parts of Asia (excluding India), Latin America or the Caribbean, and Africa.

Students who are successful in the exams are given the opportunity and tuition to study in 350 different colleges and universities around the United States and Canada.

MPOWER Women in STEM Scholarship

The women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) scholarship is to encourage women’s education through scholarship. The program will help build women scientists and innovators that will contribute positively to their society and planet through quality education.

There is a gender inequity when it comes to STEM courses. Statistics show that only 20% of women graduates with STEM degrees. This scholarship is to bridge this gap.

STEM scholarships cover Bachelor’s, master and Ph.D. in any of the fields above.

The winners of the MPOWER women in STEM scholarship are on one $5,000 for the first, $3,000 for the second, and $2,000 for the third position.

MPOWER Nursing scholarship program

This program is to select nursing students to study in 25 of the top nursing schools in the U.S. and 188 North American universities with top-notch nursing degree programs.

The aim is to groom nurses to serve the public well, especially the vulnerable and the neglected patients.

The winner of the recently conducted Mpower nursing scholarship was a Nigerian RN and Midwife by the name of Irebamidale Reinace Odufisan from Ogun State, Nigeria, while the runner-ups are Yixi Dong and Jennifer Pascual.

Central America scholarship program

This scholarship program is exceptionally for students from Central America which include; Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

The sum of $3,000 goes to the grand winner of the competition and $1,000 for 2 runner-ups.

MPOWER will select winners based on:

• The quality of the applicant’s written essays; the essays should demonstrate clarity of thought, compelling goals and vision, and superior writing skills in English.
• The applicant’s record of academic and (if applicable) professional distinction.
• The applicant’s potential to make significant contributions in his/her field that will benefit people and/or the planet.

  • The extent to which there is a clear nexus between the applicant’s intention to field of study and his/her goals and aspirations; and
  • The applicant’s potential as a scientist, entrepreneur, leader, and/or change-maker who will make a positive impact.

How to apply

All applications for the Mpower scholarships are online. You can follow the link in this post to pick the form and follow the process.

Meanwhile, you have all you need to proceed on the registration form but if in any way you think there are some confusing steps, Do make use of the comment box or better still Follow the official registration site to ride on and gain your easy Approval free of charge once you meet up with the requirements.


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