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International Business Management

You mustn’t spend years in an institution to acquire your managerial certificate as business management student. Make your self a managerial personal by grabbing an International Business Management Institute Certificate, within the interval of 2hours and just with €15 as cost.
You know, Lifestyle has changed and so should education. In a time of movement, flexibility, and information overflow, the institution determined to create a new learning experience that meets both your needs and today’s business standards.

In that case the International Business Management Institute puts you in the center of everything they do. With their expertise in distance learning, they seek to push your career ahead and offer you a high-quality learning experience.

Courses being Offered by International Business Management Institute

Below are the list of Business Management Courses being offered:

  • Essential Management Skills
  • Strategy and Operations
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Economics and International Business

One good thing about International Business Management Institute based on Business Management Courses is that all these courses are of same price and time duration. So Complete all 6 courses to receive a Diploma in Business Management (Mini-MBA).

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List of Project Management Courses @ International Business Management Institute:

  • Basics of Project Management for €12, and 1.5 hours course duration.
  • Risk Management for €10, and 1 hours course duration.
  • Change Management for €10, and 1 hours course duration.
  • Leadership and Teamwork for €10, and 1 hours course duration.

Complete all 4 courses to receive a Diploma in Project Management.

List of Strategic Management Courses:

#Frequently Questions People asks about International Business Management Institute:

How do i start a course or program in this platform?
To start a course or diploma program, simply select it from our course list. During the checkout process, you will automatically create your personal student account. You will have instant course access and can complete it at your own pace. You will receive a certificate at the end of each course. If you complete all courses of a program, you will get an additional program diploma.

What are the cost and how can i pay?
The course fees as listed on the course list include the costs for the course as well as for your personal certificate. You can pay with various credit cards or PayPal. Please note that the accepted payment methods might differ from country to country. If they cannot process your credit card, they will ask you to pay with your PayPal account.

How will i get my certificate?International Business Management
To gain your personal certificate, you have to complete a course and pass the multiple-choice test at the end. Don’t worry – you can take the test several times. To keep costs down and to offer reasonable courses, they decided to switch completely from paper certificates to digital certificates (PDF). Thereby avoid asset costs, printing costs, and shipping fees. If you want an additional hard copy of your certificate, they recommend printing it with an electro-photographic printer.

What is the value of the certificate?
The International Business Management Institute holds its online distance learning programs to the same high standards that are held by traditional educational institutions. There certificates and diplomas are therefore highly recognized and accepted by many employers around the world. Please notice that their professional certificates cannot replace a university degree and they cannot offer academic credits or titles. However, most international institutions and organizations recognize the certificates as valid professional certificates.

Do the courses require any previous knowledge?
Their courses are designed for both students and non-students. Therefore, you do not need previous knowledge of management concepts nor any proof any academic record.

Finally, How can i contact you?
If you have any questions or problems, please contact their team via They are always happy to help you!

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