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About iCharity

UPDATED: You need to maximize your income with iCharity.club platform. Now lets talk about where you can make money with your little money as your capital, in business teams, but this platform, its not seen as a business but a help, of which you do to each other. Here you pay as little as $20 ( 6,000 ) to start with and get as much as $100 (30,000 ) in return, just in an interval of 1 week – 1 Month.

Brake your Financial down status and be free for life. Live Large and Be Rich!!!

How iCharity it Work

iCharity is a donation platform that deals with member to member donation. See home Page.
To start with, You donate to your Up-line i.e who introduced you or someone else in the same platform as you.

Then in an interval of 1 week – 1 month, you will get donation from five (5) persons in the same platform. After you donated about $20 ( 6,000 ), you will upload your teller and await confirmation from whom you donated to.

And you will get ready to receive $100 within the month. After which you will automatically be upgraded to grade 1. At grade 1, you are get $100 ( 30,000 ) as you pay $20 (6,000 ) but in grade 2, you are to get $1000 ( 300,000 ) as you pay $40 ( 12,000 ). And also get paid from level 1. And so on… Grade 3 to grade 10.


There still more and more you need to know about iCharity.club. This is so damn real, you have to give it a try, check it out and see it works. To Register,¬† Click¬† HERE….

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Just to set your Home Hunger Free….

Referring of people is not compulsory in iCharity, All you to do is to register, Donate, wait for confirmation from you receiver, upgrade your Level and start making your Money. That’s All… Its Easy right ! Now here is your chance to start making it Big, Grab it and don’t let it go.

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