20 Responses to How to Register iCharity club & How iCharity works

  1. access says:

    thanks for this information. I have registered but i’m having difficulty in donating. I need help on bitcoin. thank you.

  2. moses says:

    i have opened account,and hv donated,but i hv not recieve, i donated on 16 nov 2016.must i refer?,i dnt hv time to refer,and wil i stil get donation?

    • crewfetch says:

      Absolutely you will get your pay, there is what the system does with time, which is very good, and that thing is AUTOMATIC RANDOMIZATION of registration, with that, i believe you will get your pay in no time.

  3. amadi happiness says:

    i want to join but when will i get my code

  4. Ibiyemi Omotara Ogunbadejo says:

    Each time i tried to login it’s telling me user already exist since saturday

    • crewfetch says:

      Go to your email which you use to open that your acct. and check you real details, just to know if you correct with what you use in logging in when ever you want to log in.

      • Ibiyemi Omotara Ogunbadejo says:

        I have registered but i haven’t received a password which will enable me open an account

  5. Ibiyemi Omotara Ogunbadejo says:

    I have registered but i haven’t received a password which will enable me open an account

    • odunayo says:

      ibiyemi can I help u…whatsapp me on this number 08163168503

  6. uzogara Emeka .E. says:

    i have registered,also donated,but having difficult to bring people.pls someone help me.phone.08039396802

  7. uzogara Emeka .E. says:

    i need people to registere with me pls call.08039396802

  8. odunayo says:

    I have register for 2weeks and I have not gotten any downlines am afraid cox I donate 6k to someone dat invited me to it will f system still give me d downlines

    • crewfetch says:

      you will definitely get your pay.

  9. Alex Ocran says:

    I registered icharity.club and I got three people to register under me(my referral), will the system get people to pay me the remainder of the money.

  10. CEDRIC says:

    I have registered but am finding it difficult to Register people who are wants me to register them
    where will l go to Register them?

    • crewfetch says:

      click on the Marketing button on your dashboard, and copy your link and send to them, or you can use it to register them.

  11. obia enang itobo says:

    I made donation and i talke to people now am able to register five people under me, but de problem now is this people are in my nek to paid them pleas me out

    • crewfetch says:

      Tell them to excise patience, that we are on xmas and new year season, you know what i mean.. the system is experiencing difficulties now base on the season outlook. After all this is done, they start receiving their payment…

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