How to Prepare Potato Salad: Recipes For The Stomach, A Meal to Help Your Stomach Be in Good Shape.

Potato Salad

A Nice Recipe: Potato Salad….

Let talk about A meal that help keep your stomach in good shape (Potato Salad), With no stress in preparing it. in this article we talk about how its been prepared, the time it takes to prepare and the time it take to cook it. The ingredients used in preparing it. the health counsels of the meal. the nutritional values per serving.

Most people who are having stomach problems, that when they eat some foods that others eat, it disturbs them in their stomach. here is a meal solution i think you should try.. A Nice Meal Though..

The Ingredients used to prepare (A 4 Persons Servings)

Potato Salad

  • 500g (= 1 pound) of Potatoes
  • 250g (= 8.8 oz) of Carrots
  • 100g (= 2/3 cup) of Peas
  • 100g (= 1 cup) of Green Beans
  • 2 baked Sweet Peppers
  • 100g (= 3.5 oz) of pitted Green Olives


**Additional Ingredients

  • 4 Teblespoons of Soybean Mayonnaise (each tablespoon of this dressing adds 80 kcal, that is around 20 kcal per serving)
  • Sea salt.

Preparation of the Meal

  1. * Peel, wash and cut the carrots
    * Remove the ends, wash and cut the green beans
    * Wash the Potatoes.
    * Cut the pepper into thin slices.
  2. * Boil the Potatoes, without peeling them, in water with salt. Do the same with the carrots, peas  and green beans ( separately, of course).
    * Drain the Potatoes and the Vegetables.
    * Peel and slice the potatoes.
    * Mix the Potatoes, the vegetables, the pepper and the olives and put on the plate.
    * Serve cold and topped with the Mayonnaise dressing.

The Nutritional Value; Per Serving..

  • Energy:                       169 kcal = 705 kj
  • Protein:                       4.91g
  • Carbohydrates:           25.9g
  • Fiber:                          6.82g
  • Total Fat:                    3.06g
  • Saturated Fat:             0.429g
  • Cholesterol:                0.00
  • Sodium:                      249mg

**These are the
% Daily Value (Based on a 2,000 calories diet) provided by each serving of this dish… Additional ingredients not included.

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Health Counsels of the Meal (Potato Salad)

This potato salad is a cold dish. the combined action of the potato and the other vegetables making it a recommended dish for;

  • The stomach, because of the Antacid and protective properties that the potato and the carrot exercise on the stomach lining. the salad is better tolerated if soy milk mayonnaise is used instead of traditional mayonnaise made with egg. However, those who suffer from a delicate digestive system tolerate potato salad better if they simple dress it with a litter olive or seed oil.
  • The arteries and the heart, since this salad is made without egg and therefore has no cholesterol. Besides, the vitamins and antioxidant phytochemicals of carrots. green beans, peas and sweet peppers help to maintain healthy arteries.

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