Google email service the best email service in the world – aka Gmail

this post is about Google email service (Gmail): the best email service in the world, to enable people to understand what Gmail is all about, how it works and how to register for a google email account.



Google email service | How To Create and How to Use Gmail

Gmail is a free email service developed by Google. Users can access Gmail on the web using a mobile phone, PC, and many more and using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols. Gmail started as a limited data release on April 1, 2004, and ended its testing program on July 7, 2009.


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Gmail had an initial storage capacity offer of one gigabyte per user, a significantly higher amount than competitors offered at the time. Today the service comes with 15 gigabytes of storage per user.

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Users can receive emails up to 50  megabytes in size, including attachments, while they can send emails up to 25 megabytes.


To send larger files, users can insert files from Google Drive into the message. Gmail has a search interface and a “conversation view” similar to an Internet forum.

How to create a Gmail account

To sign up for Gmail, create a Google Account. You can use the username and password to sign in to Gmail and other Google a products like YouTube, Google Play, Google Drive, and many more

  • Go to the Google Account creation page “
  • Follow the steps on the screen by Proving all the necessary information including your name and the user name and password you want to use for the account to set up your account.
  • Use the account you created to sign in to Gmail.

What if the user name I want to use is taken?

some people find it very hard in this stage that they might even want to give up, but the truth is that You won’t be able to get a certain Gmail address if the username you requested is:

  • Already being used
  • Very similar to an existing username (for example, if [email protected] already exists, you can’t use [email protected])
  • The same as a username that someone used in the past and then deleted

Reserved by Google to preveasiermore easy for you to create a google email account the best email service in the world.

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