Earthquake At Roma In Italy, Killing About 290 Persons

Earthquake At Roma In Italy

The Earthquake At Roma In Italy, That happened on Wednesday 24th August 2016,  Killing About 290 Persons, Many countries show their sympathy to the Government of Italy concerning their lost.

See photos.

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A mass funeral is held in Italy for 35 of the 290 people known to have died in the Italian Earthquake At Roma today, see photos.

Earthquake At Roma In Italy capture-20160828-084108 capture-20160828-084140 capture-20160828-084213

Concerning the Italian Earthquake At Roma, The museums are to raise funds for quake region. Sunday’s proceeds from state museums across Italy are to be donated to relief work in the earthquake zone as the country rallies around those affected. Many more Nations are looking forward to helping the Affected region in Earthquake At Roma In Italy.

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