Connect Directly to Your cloud with Console-connect, Private high Speed Connection.

Connect Directly to the cloud with Console-connect, a private high-speed connection from 400+ DCs in 50 different countries.



Software Description | Connect Directly to cloud

console connect is software-defined networking of business applications and infrastructure.


high-performance software that can provide private connections between a global ecosystem of the enterprise.

both carrier, cloud, and another network as a service partner.

Console Connect is an enterprise software and interconnection solution provider with more than 170 PoPs globally

The software is acquired by PCCW Global.


the software enables its consumers to bypass the public internet.

And directly connect with business-critical SaaS applications, cloud providers, and other enterprises with just the click of a button.

The Console platform provides secure and reliable data.

console connect was founded as  IIX Corp in May 2016 IIX Corp changed its name to console connect. Inc.

console connect has won multiple industry awards including the Global Carrier Award for Wholesale Innovation Disruptor (2020).

And the best network technology innovation in the year 2019  and the Juniper Research Award for Network Virtualization Innovation of the Year 2021.

there are some terminologies that you need to get used to in other to get the best of the software.

They include the following:

cable, Rollover, USB, connector, hyper terminal to the router, router management, and many other terminologies.

Console cable

console table is also known as cisco cables, management cables,  or rollover cables.

It has the main function of connecting cisco networking devices to the terminals.

The connection may be of pcs for configuration.

The cisco end has to connect via  RJ45, and the terminal end will conclude in a serial connection.

The main thing about console cables is the specific nature of the connection.

Without that the connection goes well it may not properly work.

console is not an Ethernet or networking connection.

It is a terminal connection, and its purpose is to enable the connected computer to configure the networking device.

The configuration is done through the serial connection.

Creating a console cable and making a console connection

console ports, for the control of network equipment are critical ports.

It is a lifeline that ensures secure access under any circumstance between console ports and components of network equipment.

That is part of a very critical IT system.

The console server SmartCS aggregates all these console ports.

And enables the IT administrator to control the network equipment securely and remotely.

Building an independent “manageable network” makes it possible to access consoles, to operate/monitor the equipment via SmartCS, even if the main network fails.

Doing the connection you must go according to your network and the operational method.

There are two ways to access the target monitoring device. The direct mode and the select mode

The  direct mood provides direct access to the designated TCP port of each serial port

Users are also able to choose Select mode to select the device and make a connection with the menu format by accessing SmartCS.

  • Direct mode
    Allocate the TCP port to each serial port in advance and access the TCP port directly accordingly
  • Select mode
    Select the equipment to access from the displayed menu after accessing the designated port of the console server

Connecting a computer running HyperTerminal emulator software to the console port of a router lets you access router information.

And modify settings without using the device’s Web-based configuration utility.

Many routers ship with the necessary console cables and adapter to facilitate a direct connection.

If not, you’ll usually need an RJ-45 to RJ-45 rollover cable with one or two adapters.

Before laptops and tablets haven’t come with the old DB9 serial ports for years.

But now cisco has got with the program and began releasing equipment with a USB console port to go along with the old Rj45 one.

all that is needed for the connection is a USB a to MINI-B cable and the Cisco USB console windows driver.

most of the time you may have a connection set well but if you don’t download and install the driver properly it will not work.

Below are how you can download and install the driver properly in windows 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows 10 pro.

Meanwhile, Google Cloud is still there for You to gain free access to once you have an Active Google Account which also has 15Gb free online storage spaces for you to save files online.

screen To start login in using a account, if you don’t have the account you can register for a new account.

  • After that go ahead and log in by putting your User name and password and then clicking the login button.
  • Now after you might have finished login select USB console Driver download.
  • To the right of the driver filename click the Download button.
  • Click Accept License Agreement when prompted.
  • Towards the bottom of the screen-pointing a file download options screen will appear.
  • Options include Open, Save, and Cancel.
  • Click the downward-pointing triangle and click Save As from the menu that pops up.
  • A Save As dialog will pop allowing you to browse to the folder where you want the downloaded file saved.
  • In this case, you chose to save the file to my Desktop for simplicity. then save

Note due to the nature of the installation, adding something of graphic or adding the virtual com port.

It may prompt that a system restarts several times and always allow the restart for that is the process.

Depending on your client OS configuration the virtual com port may not install until you connect a USB cable between your PC and the USB console port on a running piece of Cisco gear.


the company pays special attention to its network accessories which are the foundation stone of the whole network system.

The company’s cables, adapters, and other accessories will never let you down.

And you can always rely on superior quality and outstanding reliability.

Cisco has a wide range of network cables that will fit even the most extraordinary demands.

For more information about console connect click this link


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