Blog Post Format – How to Write Effective SEO Friendly Post

When one choose to blog, he or she has to know the Best blog post format; this will make you successful any moment of time you are writing a post.



Blog post format, it is necessary for you to know it that when you choose to blog and make something positive out of it; ensure that you setup the procedures  in you mind before going into it.


furthermore, You also have know that today blogging has become one of the most lucrative online business that positively brings changes to average man worldwide.

However, for one to start blogging, he or she has to know the blog post format, this is very important; because it will enables you to secure the SEO title good, and also the post readability.

meanwhile, many people writes blog post without considering its readability. But if you can follow this steps that we are going to give below, it will make you know the do and don’t when writing blog post.

What Is blog?

This is a web format which bloggers articulates information and post on their websites for worldwide view and uses.


Now the word weblog was discovered by Jorn Berger on 17 December 1997. Though in a short form, ”blog” was discovered by peter merholz, who flippantly divide the word weblog into the phrase we blog in the sidebar of his blog peter in April or may  1999.

Blog post format

Here below are the format we have to Provide for you, so as to make good post when ever  you writing a blog post. visit now blog post format

  1. use sub-headers
  2. Keep you posts narrow
  3. bold text for memorable phrases
  4. use the right image
  5. make use of relevant graphs
  6. use numbering list or bullets
  7. make use of short paragraphs and short sentence

1. Use Subheading

Ensuring subheading in your post when writing a blog post is very important, because it helps to highlight the main elements of the topic of your article.

However, header and sub-header makes it easy for the reader of your post to understand it better unlike when you post is straight forward without subheading. also remember that you post will be more relevant when you add at least three subheading in every 500 words.

2. Keep You Posts Narrow

the necessity of narrowing your post is to make it not boring to those that will search for your post. Meanwhile it will make the post more readable to the readers.

3. Bold Text For Memorable Phrases

This will help the writer of a post to emphasize comments effectively. now if your post support bold text then it will help you to highlight your keywords that are important to the content of your post. this will also make the post visually scan with ease

4. Use The Right Image

For one to make a good blog post, you have to make use of the right image. Generally when choosing an image for a particular post; it is always the image that is compatible to the post your writing on, anything out of that, the post will be seems not competent.

However, the image helps to describe the content of the post. the right image in your post helps the search engine to optimize your post also enhances the post load fast.

5. Make Use Of Relevant Graphs For Good Blog Post

The use of graphs in a blog post is very important in the sense that it gives the post sharp, and also draw understanding to the reader. Graphs is visually illustrates the relationship in any data of a content.

However, graphs is typed into three;

  1. Line graphs
  2. bar graphs and
  3. Pie chart

Meanwhile;  it is very important to ensure graphs in your post when and where necessary. this will make the post understandable to the reader, and to differentiate the data of the post.

6.  Use Numbering List Or Bullets To Better Your Blog Post

Numbering or bullet listing your post will make the reader of your post comfortable to go further in the content of the page. Remember, there are areas where bullet and numbering has to be placed in your article.

that is to avoid clustering of the bullet and numbering list in question, because it will make your post unattractive to the reader.

Make Use Of Short Paragraphs And Short Sentence

When writing a blog post, you have to make use of short paragraphs and short sentence.  now these will make the content readability very good, also very interesting to the reader.

Use paragraph to open up your witting and create a white space. short sentence creates tension to you content.


Writing a blog post is a very easy online business, but only when you know the format. blog post format is very necessary for every blogger to use, this will help you effectively when writing a blog post.

Here are my top tips for formatting a blog post that users will actually want to read (or at least skim all the way through).

  • Use short sentences and short paragraphs
  • Use headings.
  • Give photos helpful captions.
  • Use bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Use bold text for memorable phrases.
  • Always use relevant graphics and images.

Also when you have this in place, it will make your content readable to those that may search to for the post.

Top 15 Blog Formatting Best Practices
  1. Write a Kick-Ass Headline.
  2. Use Headings and Subheadings.
  3. Choose Killer Images.
  4. Constrain Your Column Width.
  5. Break Up Your Paragraphs.
  6. Pick the Perfect Font (and Font Size)
  7. Offer a “Table of Contents” .
  8. Embrace White Space.

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