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Best Insurance Companies In Amsterdam – Top 🔝 4 Review 2021 In Netherland

Talking about the Best Insurance Companies In Amsterdam, on This regards we will be giving you the Top 4 Best Insurance Companies in 2021.

Best Insurance Companies In Amsterdam

First, What is Insurance?

Insurance as it is been defined according to oxford advanced learner is a means of indemnity against a future occurrence of an uncertain event.

Indemnity here means repayment, so if put this way Insurance would mean repayment against a future occurrence of an uncertain event.

  • It is called an insurance policy.
  • Brief History of Insurance:
  • Insurance In The Ancient Times

Best Insurance Companies In Amsterdam

Insurance has been in place right from the time in-memorial.

If one look back, one will discover that even in the ancient times dating back to the 3rd and 2nd millennia Before Christ(BC), people such as hunters, goldsmith, farmers, etc. could take some of their possessions ranging in different forms to particular community leaders to keep for them, remember there was no money as of time and the only thing the insured is obliged to pay as a premium will be based on negotiation with the insurer, in this process, the community leader(insurer) would reach an agreement with the person(insured) the terms and conditions.

Point To Note:

Note that it is from the outcome of the bargain that he or she will know what is to used as a premium and for how long thereby making an insurance another form of business venture to the community leader.

It is from this agreement(insurance policy) the insured can use to lay claim to the insurer and his or her claims paid should the unforeseen occurs. Because of lack of modern facilities such computers for storing data at that time, there is always witnesses involved in this case the   number of persons involved must not be less than three (3) persons each to both the insured and insurer before the agreement is made. The agreement that is being reached is what is called an insurance policy as it is called at this modern time.

It is also worthy of note;

insurance being dated back to Babylonia, Chinese, Indian ages where usually traders at the time usually distribute there goods to hedge against risks in several ship. This distribution of risk is done to protect the trader while on a journey from one destination to another usually by ship by as of that time and of course you should note that this is done should in case the vessel carrying the goods of the trader collapse.

This was being practiced at the time because the risk  that could emanate from a single collapse of any ship(vessel) can most at times take those out of business and therefore it’s was the wisest thing for any man or woman who must come into business to at that time because failure to put this measure in effect and unseen tragedy occurs, those involved can be taken out of business without any delay

So many merchants travelling a very dangerous rivers at the time usually redistribute their goods across many cargos to cut their losses in case of any sudden eventualities.

How The Claims Is Been Paid In This Era:

Also worthy of note here is the fact that in the case demise of the insured, a representative of the late insured family member(immediate family of course),a son(s) or daughters(s) together with at least one persons involved in the agreement is to appear before the insurer(the community leader as in reference with this case with the insurance policy in other for the claim to be paid(life insurance policy as it is called today) while in the case the insurer is alive and any tragedy occurs, he or she is to appear with at least two witness along with the(general insurance policy).

Off from this time, it is worthy to have a look at some insurance practices that took at the medieval ages

Insurance Practices In Medieval Ages:

Insurance didn’t end in ancient times, it proceeded down to medieval periods and this is a notable cases how it was practiced in some areas during those periods.

Codex Hammurabi Law Act(1755-1750 BC):

Codex Hammurabi code of conduct of one is the longest, best-preserved and best-organized legal practices states that the  insurer who saves the insured from his total loss was only required by law to pay 25% the value of the property in question.

  • The Law Of general averages(1816): This states the main principle that guides all insurance.
  • The Eastern Roman Empire Act: Written by Jurist Paulus at the onset of the war of the third century to guide the marine insurance.
  • The Genoa Law which outlines the fundamental basis that insurance pools should be backed by landed property.

It is quite imperative to see that in the medieval era, things began to take a good shape because some tough bodies in the form of  organizations started enact serious laws to back this subject so that it wouldn’t a system anyone especially the insured will be protected and because of that the system began to attract more Public attention.

In the history of the world time has been a driving factor in history of human race, always creating transition between one period to another, this is to say that this subject, insurance didn’t end also in the medieval periods, it proceeded down to modern times and as we will see later, the coming of computers and internet help the subject a another great dimension speeding up the way it’s now done.

Insurance Practices In The Modern Times:

Insurance became far more modernized in this modern period in the sense that numerous speciaties has been developed. This sophisticated practices started in Europe down to Great Britain before expanding to other parts of the world.

How Modern Day Insurance Began:

In the advent of increased world population, a lot of things like a case of fire outbreak engulfing properties worth great fortunes, cars stolen, car being got burnt up on a transit, car accident, sudden sickliness and the affected individuals not having money for medical treatment, etc. as these and other things began to make people, organizations, business empires of ultra wealthy individuals and a lot of other entities began to create a heavy worries in the lives of people and in pursuit to finding a lasting solution to their problems in admits of the teaming population, different forms of began to emerge.

This types/forms of insurance is in line with the various areas of interest to mankind and they include;

  • Life Insurance
  • Non-life or Property/casualty Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Auto/Vehicle Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance etc.

How Modern Day Insurance is Been Practiced:

Insurance practices grew in this modern times starting from the fire incident that took place in London (Great Fire of London), United Kingdom in the early 1666 which  devoured over 13,000 houses.

This terrible scenario forced the government to pass insurance act into law and that was how the first property insurance was born. prior  to this other insurance types took effect and the whole process continued to get modernized and sophisticated as can be seen today.

There is more as to how things began but concerning the subject but remember the essence of walking you through this short history is to further open your eyes how   it all began and what is now obtainable in today’s world and also to allow you plan well ahead of getting your first insurance policy in Amsterdam.

List of Highly Rated Insurance Companies in Amsterdam to count on.

Do you live or do you plan relocating to Amsterdam, the financial hub of the Europe situated in Netherlands, then you must count down to any of this insurance   companies to get your insurance policy with ease.

Overview of The Four Best Ranking Insurance Companies in Amsterdam

Insurance is a must have for the citizens or residents of Amsterdam. Even immigrants, students are not exceptional

There are a lot of insurance companies in the Amsterdam but i am sure you would want to settle for the best with amazing benefits inclusive, if so read on..

Amsterdam, is in so many ways a great city be in terms of peace, security, cleanliness and  to according world ranking it is among the  top 10 in Global Power City Index and has  out a top financial centers in Europe is handling giants commercial empires such the Philips, Tesla, Netflix, TomTom etc. Outside that Amsterdam Stock Exchange   is known to be the considered the oldest modern stock exchange trading making the city to be the place where the first trade was held.

These few phenomenal has made the city the insurance hot cake that it will be terrible for any firm or individuals to head to without a proper plan on the best    company to buy insurance policy from. In view of that, it is worthy to note that insurance companies has been a great player in the history of this great city. This    further make it a mandatory for anyone who plan relocating to Amsterdam to count down to any of this insurance companies.

This insurance companies is ranked based on some key features such as regulation, area of specialty, asset under management, number of employees, years in business,   rating and reviews, premiums etc.

They include the following;


This is one of the top ranking insurance companies in Amsterdam. Chubb is one of the world largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company in Amsterdam  with operation in over 54 countries with great reputation attached her name derived from years of handwork.

  • Year of establishment: Chubb came into business as far back as the year 1792 led by two visionary men; Samuel Blodget and Ebenezer Hazard. This men started this  business as a marine insurance.
  • Regulation/license: Chubb being a world class insurance company giant, it is derives its regulation and license from different countries and in the case of Amsterdam   Chubb is regulated by Chubb European Group, Netherlands Branch with registration number number 24353249.
  • Asset under management: Chub oversees a tremendous amount of asset her management totaling about $190 billion in asset under management with an annual gross premiums  of $41 billion
  • Number of employees: Chubb employs 10000 to 31000 employees in over its base and territory
  • Area of specialty: Chubb limited is best known to specialize in property and casualty insurance
  • premiums: great premiums per your coverage

Why you should get your insurance coverage in

Chubb has been one of those insurance company out there who will not leave you with divesting stories when trauma hit you in an unpredicted manner with immediate  response, chubb limited is listed in new York stock exchange,

Chubb has a wolrd standardized model in business world, chub is not just in insurance business, they are in people business too always helping their clients succeed  unlike others, chub chubb operate in over 54 countries including US,UK, Japan, NetherlandsS etc., Chubb has got the experience with their long years in business, chubb  has great reputation etc.

there a lot of reasons why you think wherever you but these are just few.


Achema farm insurance was formed by just 39 farmers in Netherlands whose common interest is to help each other return business should a haystack fire  break out in their farm. Through its commitment the Achema group has supported the Netherlands in becoming the second world’s largest agricultural exporter.

  • Year of establishment: two(2) century ago i.e. 200 years ago.
  • Regulation/licensing: Achema is duel registered by the home country which is Netherlands and also it has it’s regulations and license to run business in Amsterdam by  the Government of Netherlands.
  • Area of specialty: Unlike some insurance companies out there, Achema group majors in farm insurance promoting and protecting agricultural revolutions through untiring  assistance to their worldwide clients.
  • Rating: Achema group among the top three insurance company in Netherlands and is rated 5-star.

Reasons why pick as your top tier Agro insurance company:

Achema is known to be among the oldest insurance companies worldwide with over 200 years in business.

it has over 13million clients worldwide, it is an associate of Rabobank in Australia.

it ranks among top three insurance companies in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

they offer a unique approach and on-farm assistance to their clients etc.


Nationale-Nederlanden(NN Group is one of the largest insurance and asset management companies in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It was formed in a merger in 1963 between de nederlanden van 1845(non-life insurance company) and nationale levensverzekerings bank(national life insurance bank).

  • Year of establishment: nn-group came into business in 1963 in a merger acquisation
  • Regulation/licensing: It is duelly regulated by financial authority of Netherlands to conduct business in Amsterdam
  • Asset under management: nn-group has about 5.6 billion euros in an asset under management with a yearly net income of about 1.4 billion euros.
  • Group CEO: they are two; David Knibbe and Delfin Rueda
  • Area of specialty: unlike other insurance companies, major in asset management,mortages, casaulty insursnce, property insurance and life insurance etc
  • Number of employees: they have over 10,000 workers worldwide with over 18million clients in about 19 countries of the world.

Reason why count down to nn-group:

they have 5 star rating and as the top ranking insurance and asset management in the country.

  • nn-group is top supporter of all runners.
  • They have over 18 million clients around the world not just in Amsterdam.
  • They are listed in Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam etc.


Swiss Re Group is one of the leading wholesale reinsurance and  insurance company in Amsterdam that majors in insurance other insurance based forms of risks sharing. they offer a helping hand to other insurance companies to endure in business by working with other top firms. Swiss Re is a sure insurance companies not only to teaming clients around the globe but other insurance companies other enabling them to share their risks with them.

  • Year of establishment: Swiss Re came into business in the year
  • Regulation/licensing: It is dully regulated by the home country which is Switzerland and also by the government of Netherlands.
  • Number of employees: it has over 10,000 plus workers around the globe.
  • Asset under management: they have asset worth billions of dollars under management
  • Area of specialty: SissRe majors in reinsurance, life insurance, health insurance, property and casualty insurance, financial market etc.

Reason to chose SwissRe:

SwissRe operate in over 25 countries around the globe.

It’s the world best reinsurance company in the world helping to insure other multinational corporations, mid-size and small companies

they have best reputation ever with average annual profit return of $1.5 billion

best risk strategist giant of course that’s the reason they are the best reinsurance company among the rest in the world

they are best risk control independent insurance conglomerates over others.

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