Barcelona President Bartomeu Lied About Renewing Messi Contract According to Benedito…


Barcelona recently announced the renewal of Messi contract but it was challenged and disputed by Agusti Benedito. Who said that the Argentine icon didn’t renew his contract that it was his father that signed.

Benedito,a former Barcelona Presidential candidate who is presently against the Barcelona board and he is currently lodging out a vote of of no support to the Present Barcelona president Bartomeu raising the issue of ”serious constitutional crisis”.

The Argentine icon who is currently enjoying his season with many goals to his name with the Brazilian teammate Paulinho who was heaped by praise by his display in their last match was said to have renew his contract by Barcelona..

However Benedito who was a former Barcelona president candidate has come against it saying that it was his father that put to pen that it was not actually Lionel Messi.

The ongoing issue that was raised by Benedito is bringing some side talk that Benedito is saying and doubting the renewal of Lionel Messi recent contract due the issue that he is having with Barcelona board and the current president over the ”Serious constitutional crisis..”

The contract is only signed by his father which the player signature is needed as it stands now the contract is still not valid under the law. Benedito also emphasis that Bartomeu still the Barcelona president might be reason that the Argentine icon Lionel Messi has not renew or made his signature to be absent from the contract made.

According to Benedito” that Bartomeu should come and explain or say the truth about the contract that was made that now is not he is first time of lying………

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