Apply for the University of Calabria in Italy for International Students

Apply for University Of Calabria Scholarships in Italy for international students.Ā  the scholarship is fully funded for those that pursuing a master’s degree program at Italy university.


the scholarship has made it possible for most international students to study in the country ofĀ  Italy without having IELT. It is worth noticing that the country has the world’s oldest university.

Ā Scholarship description

Italy University of Calabria EU scholarship is open for international students. the scholarship allows only for master’s degree level programs. in the field of English that is taught at the University of Calabria. the following are the scholarship highlight.


Degree level

Italy University of Calabria EU Scholarships, 2021-22 are available to undertake Master’s level programs.

Available subjects

Some of the scholarships covered the courses are the following :

  • Engineering and technological areas
  • artificial intelligence and computer science
  • computer engineering for internet
  • Environmental and territorial safety Engineering on sustainable management.
  • Ā  Natural resources areas
  • AutomationĀ  Engineering and Robotics
  • Ā  Telecommunication smart sensing, computing, and networking,Ā  medical health careĀ  areas
  • health Biotechnology
  • Nutritional science
  • science areas
  • chemistry
  • mathematics
  • physics
  • socio-economic areas
  • finance ad insurance
  • And many other subjects you can Engage in and most of the Areas where the university covers, are most inclusive.

English language

host institution

University of Calabria


scholarship type


language requirement

English language



Eligible countries

all the international students are eligible to apply for the scholarship program.

The benefit of the scholarship are the following

The university will cover the following Benefits

  • The scholarships include a University fee (ā‚¬ 1.000,00)
  • Free accommodation
  • Canteen access on the Universityā€™s Campus (value ā‚¬ 6.000,00)
  • Pocket money for roughly ā‚¬ 1.700,00.
  • For the academic year 2021-2022, the University of Della Calabria is going to award 120 scholarships to foreign students enrolled in English-taught Masterā€™s Degrees and many more benefits that are not listed here.

Eligibility CriteriaĀ 

to be eligible for the scholarship the candidate must meet the following criteria.

  1. The applicant must hold a minimum educational certificate to

apply for any degree program.

Requirements for the application

  • a passport
  • curriculum vitae
  • high school Bachelor’s degree (that is if you are applying for the masters degree)
  • formal university transcript of record
  • former university syllable of all courses
  • English language certificate
  • Italian language if you have it

How to apply for the scholarship

To apply for the scholarship please visit theĀ University Of Calabria Scholarships in Italy.

Your visit master must be the official scholarship website

the official website

About the university

Italy University of Calabria is a state-run university. Located in Arcavacata, a hamlet of Rende in the Province of Cosenza, the university was founded in 1972. Among its founders there were Beniamino Andreatta, Giorgio Gagliani, Pietro Bucci and Paolo Sylos Labini.

The university has about ca 35,000 students. the university was established in the YEAR 1972Ā 

The university is located in Rende Italy and it is a rural campus.

And TheĀ  university has the number of administrative staff that is about 800

at the same time, the university is a public university.

it is a university named for the region in Italy. the university lies in the helmet of Arcavacata.

the university is Calabria’s first residential campus university and remains one of the few in the country.

although the university is been dominated by the other town university

The university campus office is responsible for providing residential services.Ā  The university students have the option to access numerous facilities for the example sports center, theater, and the museum.

Some 780 slots are on offer to international students wishing to enroll in one of the bachelor’s or master’s degree programs.

More – at the University of Calabria in Italy

the university language center has an additional language offer and that is the Italian language.

at the same time, you can pick up any language of your choice to enroll in the university apart from the additional Italian language. some language like Spanish language, English language, another form language you like to take up with.

the university offers six academic areas of study and they include the following: engineering; economics, political and social sciences; humanities; education; sciences; pharmacy, nutritional and health sciences.

the university arranges the above courses in about 14 departments, offering 80 degree80-degree courses.

the university announces a public selection base. it has always been on qualification. And it is only for the admission of international students.

The university offer about 138 scholarship to international or foreign students, who enroll in master’s degree programs.

the university makes it better for the students for providing English language support for the student in almost all the disciplines within the university.

And the present student status has it that about 800 s students are international students and about 79 different countries live on the campus.

the thing that motivates people to come to university is the beautiful environment. even though the university is located in a small town. and today it is the beauty of the small town.

Reasons international students chose to study inĀ  Italy University of Calabria

1. Plenty of top universities with an impressive international environment

The country of Italy has always been the place of study for international students, this is due to the multicultural environment, at the same time the country has many both public and private universities which serve as a choice for any student who studies in the country.

one of the known universities the University of Bologna, which is one of the most remarkable universities in the whole world, the advent of the university marked the beginning of western higher education. And bologna university is the largest university that welcomes the highest number of Erasmus students.

2. Easy ways to travel the country

The whole world has always known the country of Italy has a very large number of the airport.

it is every big city is also perfectly connected to European and non-European countries with 87 airports.

You can easily travel by train, all the bigger Italian cities are interconnected with 77 (main-) railway stations.

That makes life easier for many students that do not like traveling by car or by plane.

3. So many English-taught degrees you won’t know what to choose

The university has a large number of programs in all the fields you may choose to study from Arts to Computer Science, many of which are English-taught. See which are the most popular study programs taught in English

for example in a course like ENGLISH LANGUAGE you may have the following option:

International relation


Electrical engineering

computer Science

Fashion ad design

Then in those, you just have to pass around 20 of those exams to complete a degree (around eight exams in each academic year) and most of them are oral exams.

In some specialized fields, such as medicine or engineering, you will be required to pass 40 or 50 exams.

4. Surrounded by arts, architecture, and fashion

most of the students who chose to study at the university do so, especially those who seek admission to the department of art.Ā  architecture and fashion have always said they have made the best choice.

watching some of this beautiful inspires the student to be more creative as nature has already started it for them.

6. Late nights are a given in Italy

the university is one of the countries in the southern part of the EU.Ā  life in Italy starts and ends late in the evening. At 8 p.m.

The streets are full of life, and sometimes this is the time when life just begins. In many other European cities, at 6 p.m.,

while some other city looks like it switched off all of a sudden. No,Ā  the city doesn’t belong to that sort. In an Italian university city, going for a walk at 9 or 10 p.m.,

especially in spring-summer-fall, makes you feel ā€˜in good company, always surrounded by people.

In the southern part, most shops have the closing time at 8:30 p.m. and that makes life easier for students who always forget to get food before closing time. this is one of the reasons international students chose to study at the university.

For more information about the university follow the link below: The University of Official Website


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