American Magazine, The Atlantic Endorses Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

An American Magazine by Name The Atlantic has Endorsed Hillary Clinton for President of the United State, and this is their 3rd presidential Endorsement and it was lastly done 160 years ago in History.

Due to how things are going in USA Politics Providentially, and due the fear of danger in their country and it’s way to correct it.

The Atlantic has endorse Hillary Clinton, at which the endorsement was labeled a historic move by the Atlantic, it was said that the last time the Atlantic took side in a presidential election was in 1964, that was the time of Lyndon B. Johnson due to similar fare about his opponent, Barry Goldwater.

The Atlantic first Presidential  endorsement came 104 earlier that was the time of Abraham Lincoin.
Now this is their Third Presidential Endorsement in History. The USA citizen today are urging the voters not to vote Donald Trump, The Atlantic’s endorsement does encourage readers to vote for Clinton if they know what is Good for USA and what is Good for the World.

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