5 Canadian Companies That Sponsor Foreign Workers

Easy as it may be to think of Canada as a country that offers only cold winters and maple syrup, this image doesn’t do justice to the economic opportunities available in the great white north. In fact, if you’re looking to immigrate to Canada on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on your visa status, you may be able to find a job through an agency that facilitates the hiring of foreign workers, or you may even be able to find Canadian companies that sponsor foreign workers and hire you directly, in which case the company will help you secure your work visa.


Canadian Companies that Sponsor Foreign Workers

There are many Canadian companies that will help sponsor your application and support you through the process. Canada has a surprising number of companies interested in bringing talented foreign workers to the country to expand their businesses and the Canadian economy.


In Canada, foreign workers are often used as an alternative to local workers, or to fill temporary gaps in the workforce when there aren’t enough local people to meet demand. But that doesn’t mean Canadian companies don’t value foreign workers—in fact, most of them go out of their way to ensure that their foreign workers feel welcome and appreciated.

Understanding Employment Sponsorship

Employment sponsorship refers to when a company or employer is willing to obtain work visas for highly qualified foreign individuals who are living outside Canada. It is otherwise known as employment visa sponsorship or simply visa sponsorship. In order to achieve this, the Canadian company has to complete an application for the foreign worker, prepare labor certification, and represent the petitioner for the visa.

Canadian employers are increasingly looking for foreign workers who have the necessary qualifications to keep their companies running. Moreover, when Canadian employers are unable to find qualified workers living in Canada, they come up with various proposals to enable them to hire qualified skilled workers from other countries. Nonetheless, Canadian employers don’t sponsor foreign workers. Rather, they assist in applying for Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) on the foreigner’s behalf to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for the job he/she is seeking the foreign worker. Afterward, the foreign worker can apply for a work permit after this process.

Furthermore, a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) will allow you to apply for a work visa. If you are looking to work in Canada, then, getting a Canadian work permit should be a priority in your journey. Moreover, you should ensure that you’re hired by an employer that is willing to do that process for you and take on the costs of the application.


Canadian Companies that Sponsor Foreign Workers

Here are five Canadian companies that sponsor foreign workers who would be perfect places to start your search if you’re planning to move to Canada soon. Furthermore, these 5 Canadian companies that sponsor foreign workers take their sponsorship duties seriously, making their employees feel valued and helping them achieve successful careers in Canada.

Google Canada

Thanks to its multicultural focus, Google prides itself on being a leading employer of foreign workers and therefore offers many employment opportunities for those living in Canada. Based in Toronto, Google Canada has a huge international staff network. There are jobs available for all types of professions in Engineering and Technology, Sales, Legal, and Design. In addition to competitive salaries, perks, and benefits, Google also allows foreign workers up to six months of unpaid leave for international travel.

Your chances of getting hired at this global company branch in Canada are much higher if you have many years of experience and can speak English or French fluently. Employees can also take advantage of free language classes and discounted rates at local gyms. To be eligible for these perks, you must have worked at Google Canada for one year or more (at any location). If you are interested in working at Google Canada, visit for job listings and more information about what it’s like to work there.

P&H Farming

One of the big Canadian companies that sponsor foreign workers is Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited (P&H), a Canadian family-owned company with over 100 years of agricultural experience. Founded in 1909, P&H is a growth-oriented, diversified, and vertically-integrated company with activities in grain marketing, crop inputs, flour milling, and feed mills.

If you’re looking to do more than just hang around, but don’t have a degree in engineering, P&H is your place. The company has been working with foreign workers for years and welcomes those who want to work hard. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience or speak English—and it especially doesn’t matter if you can make orange juice for a living.

Moreover, this farm needs drivers, mechanics, welders, and other skilled laborers. You may even be able to get some on-the-job training before you start full-time at P&H. At any rate, they will take care of getting you set up once you’ve applied online.

Elastic Path

The Vancouver-based cloud computing company is making its first foray into hiring foreign workers with a job opening for a PHP Web developer. As for what it takes to land one of these coveted positions, Elastic Path encourages job seekers to have at least three years of experience in software development and web application architecture. Meanwhile, you can find careers at Elastic Path in business development, HR, Marketing and Product Development, Sales, and more.


The Bank of Nova Scotia, also known as Scotiabank, is a global Canadian banking and financial services corporation based in Toronto, Ontario. It is the third biggest Canadian bank by deposits and market capitalization, one of Canada’s Big Five banks.

This bank has an interesting arrangement with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Through its Scotia WORKS internship program, CIC sponsors overseas candidates who have a temporary work permit but will be returning to their country of origin at some point in time. These interns can spend up to one year with Scotiabank. At first glance, Scotiabank’s program appears to be a great deal for both parties—but there is no doubt that sponsoring foreign workers is not cheap.

The bank offers various careers depending on your passion and direction. If you enjoy establishing relationships, you may enjoy working in the Retail Banking team. Do you want to develop digital experiences that are both smooth and secure? Join the bank’s technology department and become a part of the future of banking.

According to reports, Scotiabank spends $1 million per year on its intern program. Even so, it seems like a good investment: The company notes that many of these interns return to Canada after spending time abroad, bringing valuable experience back home with them.


KPMG is an auditing and tax advisory company based in Vancouver, Canada. Not only do they provide careers in the financial industry to experienced professionals and executives, but to students in training as well. They brand themselves as being inclusive and placing diversity and equity at the forefront of their recruitment.

About 40 percent of KPMG’s 5,000 employees in Canada are foreign-born. This impressive number is made possible by the Global Recruitment Program for Professionals, which is designed to attract top talent from around the world. If you have at least two years of recent experience working in accounting, finance, or consulting and a degree earned outside of Canada, you could be eligible for one of these coveted positions.

Some of the company’s most successful candidates come from China, Japan, India, and South Korea. It’s not just in Canada that KPMG offers opportunities; they also hire qualified professionals across the globe through their global recruitment program. And while they don’t sponsor visas, they do provide assistance with obtaining your work permit. Once you’re on board, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your career with ongoing training and development programs offered at all levels.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you want to work in Canada and meet specific qualifications, there are a few companies that might be able to help you. Citizenship and Immigration Canada states that employers can sponsor certain foreign workers on an economic basis for two years if they are applying from outside of Canada. With the list above, you now know that Canadian companies can hire foreign workers.


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