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Linkis.com is an Awesome link Branding, and it helps you promote yourself or your project by simply sharing web pages. Also Promote anything you need each time you share a link and grow your audience. Easy and free. Linkis is a free link customization service for social promotion and it uses the most easy way to customize links and engage more followers. it is a link platform, where you links to your site and blog, or a poll to collect your friends’ opinions on the matter.  Once you’re logged in, you can use all our tools freely.


Linkis.com makes your Twitter sharing special. Log in with Twitter to get all the advantages of our Auto-branding feature.
Once you click, you authorize it to serve you on your twitter.Linkis

This application will be able to:
Read Tweets from your timeline.
See who you follow, and follow new people.
Update your profile.
Post Tweets for you.

Will not be able to:
Access your direct messages.
See your Twitter password.

Now, Linkis automatically brands links you tweet
Save your time on tweeting with Convey, they have what they call convey and its work is to keep your Twitter feed updated even when you’re offline. It will post the most popular link among people you follow on your behalf every day, when activated.

You can have a trail version of Linkis

when you are done filling and activating, it you get a message saying: Your trial was successfully activated. You have 14 days to try all over best features. after receiving an email, you complete the activation by clicking on the link provided for you. Then You will get noticed when it’s going to end. then you click on Get it.

Get more information about Linkis HERE…….

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