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Finally Nigeria looks forth to having a Free Wifi in the Country from A company called Flobyt which was unveiled in Lagos on Friday. The company works in Collaboration with the Chief Executive Officer of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy.

He is collaborating with some experts on the project that stakeholders, including the Commissioner for Culture in Oyo State, Mr. Toye Arurolgun, and the authorities of the Federal Ministry of Communication commended them.

The Chief Executive of Tsaboin, Dele Odufuye, who is a principal partner in the initiative, said Flobyt wiFi service would be installed across locations in Lagos; including eateries, parks, taxis, buses, restaurants and cafés.Flobyt

According to him, Flobyt will not only guarantee free access, it will also ensure that the platform is secure, thus protecting users’ information. The Flobyt wifi platform router is going to be a plug-and-play device that does not require much technical know-how to operate.

Don Jazzy, being among Nigerian artistes with the largest following on social media, said he has long been looking to be involved in online support for people before.

He said, “We are working on it passionately. It will impact the society positively. So, I believe very much in it. The Flobyt free wifi will be one of the few other investments we will share with you over the years.Flobyt

He still go on to say ‘I have been on social media for a while and know what it takes to maintain a presence. While we have offered some free stuff before, this new idea solves the question of how to make it permanent.”

You can Register your company on Flobyt and become a Partner.

You register by entering your name, and your email, your mobile number, company Name, type of company/venue and Number of daily visitors. Then you enter your company’s Address and summit Application.

According to Flobyt Platform: it is an independent consulting firm that helps international companies to be successful in Europe and Africa. Through our strategic solutions and implementation assistance, we have led some of the world’s strongest brands to enter and establish worldwide.

Flobyt is driven by a group of motivated individuals who believe in delivering only the Best to their clients. Our team comprises of experts from various industries and functions with strong business acumen and problem solving skills to provide actionable and timely solutions to clients. The Flobyt App is yet to be Lunched.

To know more About Flobyt Click Here.

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