WhatsApp Ultra-Light Wifi |Free 3G Internet released

WhatsApp Ultra-Light Wifi

Updated: WhatsApp Ultra-Light Wifi |Free 3G Internet released : WhatsApp launches Ultra-Light Wifi Feature to Enjoy Free 3G Internet wherever you go. Now, You can do Whatsapp Without Internet From Today. This is done as a way of rewarding all the WhatsApp frequent uses.

How to Know If WhatsApp Ultra-Light Wifi Its ACTIVATED on Your Device

WhatsApp colour will change into blue when the service is Activated on your phone.
Their service will be Activated when they receive 15 requests.

Multimedia: Enjoy the world with your friends, with images, videos,audio and locations that you can share via WhatsApp.
Group Chat; just make your self available to a point where you misses nobody like your friends or share precious moments with your family. Group Chat helps you handle that.

Plenty of time spent on WhatsApp via texting: Communication never felt so immediate with push notification, delivery receipts and typing notifications.

Now start inviting Friends to Join the Whatsapp Ultra-Light Wifi |Free 3G Internet and start Enjoying.
You can Now be in WhatsApp without internet from today and Enjoy free 3G internet wherever you go with WhasApp application. Click on this link http://ta3.co/ultra-light-wifi/ to Activate Now.

All that is said about WhatsApp Ultra-Light Wifi is all lies and you will be asked to visit this link http://ta3.co/ultra-light-wifi/ in order to get Activated . The truth behind it is that it’s SCAMMERS, because the link given above is not responding any more.

If WhatsApp has improved on their services, it will be in their home page, www.whatsApp.com and not on another platform or site that is different from there’s. Many people will post all kinds of information about whatsApp, just for whatsApp to do according to what they want.

As you chat on your whatsApp platform or if by any means you come across WhatsApp Ultra-Light Wifi and is not from a genuine source, please ignore. Get latest information from whatsApp by clicking here.

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