Update on Ebonyi State University Strike | EBSU Strike

Ebonyi State University Strike

Update on Ebonyi State University Strike: As its Stands now the Ebonyi state university Lecturers are still on negotiation with the state Government about there strike, If they will go or not. Of which is after the meeting we will know the outcome. But as it is now lets wait and know the outcome of their Meeting with the Governor, as they discuss by 4:00 pm on the 17th of October.

Updates: The strike is yet to call off as staff and lecturers waite for call off letter, but the negotiation ends peacefully as governor deny knowing nothing about their administration and they was communication gap between the two bodies governor and the school body. Right now the governor have ordered that ASUU and the school management should call up the strike while a committee is set up to look into the seven out standing issues,lets keep listening to know what happens next.

There reason for going for strike before it that the State Government has decided to TAX them high, without increasing their Salary.

They wanted proceeding on strike, and the strike was set to commence on the 17th of October 2016. Many of the lecturers complains on the way the state government is treating matters when it concerns lecturers, that is not good.

How can a lecturer who is up to the level of professor be demoted to the level of a Senior lecturer, Based on his Salary level.

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It’s on fair they said. How a lecturer who has served the state for years and got retired and the state government will refuses to paid them Gratuity and their pension, that too is not good.

So after looking at all this, they come to there conclusion that enough is enough, that they need to be listened to by the state government. They decided to go for a warning Strike.

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