Top Most Free Music Download Sites for USA, Australia, Canada, England And around the World

Music Download

Music is one great melodious stuff that mostly all can do without in ones daily lives. Here are list of Top Most Free Music Download Sites for USA, Australia, Canada, England And around the World.

Music Download

  • Amazon Music

one great thing about Amazon Music is they offers a ton of free music downloads! They even have a free music download section that is constantly being updated.

Amazon’s selection is actually pretty amazing, and features newer releases from a lot of big-name artists. That includes names like Foo Fighters, Blondie, Chance the Rapper, Carole King, and the Philharmonic Orchestra Bratislava. That last one’s for you classical lovers, but there’s also a ton of meditation, workout, and focus-oriented music.

Once you’ve grabbed a few free mp3s from Amazon’s free music download section, you can take them anywhere. That includes any smartphone, starting with iPhone (iOS) and Android devices. But you’ll need a good music downloader to neatly organize it all.

Check out Amazon Music’s free music here.


Music Download

  • Musilib

Musilib’s easiest royalty free music solution they offers you royalty free and license-fee free music at the unique tariff of €39 (and €12 for a jingle). Whether you are a video maker, a communications agency, a producer or a director company, it does not matter because it is the same price. Whatever they’re using, our tracks are royalty-free guaranteed. Indeed, our licenses are simplified, which allows you to have no using-time limits and quality royalty-free music.

See more at Musilib..


Music Download

  • PureVolume

Actually, PureVolume has been around for more than a decade, and attracts more than half-a-million visitors monthly. you can search by top downloads, top artists, featured songs, newest albums, and lots of genre breakdowns.

PureVolume is a site that features lots of free music downloads from a range of different artists. Big names include Kanye West, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Good Charlotte, Skrillex, Tokyo Police Club, and Mariah Carey (to name a few). They also feature a long list of emerging artists, with all of them offering free mp3s of their latest tracks.

Check out PureVolume here.


Music Download

  • MP3Goo

MP3Goo: MP3Goo is where one can download all type of musics, just like soundloud, songspk, mp3kull, mp3jucies, instaMp3, tubidy, 4shared & zippyshare. you can download your fourite songs from their mp3 tracks database. they don’t upload or host any files on their servers.

See more at MP3Goo.

Many More Music Download sites…


Music Download

  • Jamendo Music

Jamendo: Free Music Downloads has been offering free music downloads for years. All of these downloads are completely free (so no letters from your ISP) and protected by Creative Commons licenses. they don’t mind if you download their music for personal enjoyment.

This is all independent music. So if you’re looking for DJ Khaled or Drake, you’ll probably have to go elsewhere (try YouTube Music or Spotify). Or, pay at iTunes or Apple Music.

Jamendo is geared towards the music explorer. Plus, they also have free radio stations and playlists that constantly update. Once you’ve got a good collection of free music downloads, you can easily access them offline on your iOS, Android, or other device. You’ll need a music downloader app to help organize it all (here’s a list of them).

Go to Jamendo Music here.


Music Download

  • Audioluck

Audioluck: they offers you all categories of music you might want to hear, starting from Ambient; calm and positive music. Airy and bueatiful music for inspiration. Background music for your project varied style. instrumental music. Comedy which are funny musics, bright light music and raise a good sunny mood.Corporate musics…

See more at Audioluck.


Music Download

  • My Mixtapez Music (App)

My Mixtapez Music is all about hip-hop mixtapes Just like Spinrilla,. But there are a few differences that hip-hop aficionados will want to weigh.

For starters, both offer lots of different mixtapes from endless rappers and DJs. And both offer the option to enjoy free music downloads for offline listening. But dive into My Mixtapez, and you’ll see a number of differences in selection, organization, and selected artists. You might even decide to roll with both!

Actually, My Mixtapez also puts a nice spotlight on indie artists and emerging rappers. That includes a lot of rappers that could be massive in a few years, with mixtapes still providing a huge promotional role.

Check out the Mixtapez free music here.


Music Download

  • SoundClick

SoundClick offers free downloads from thousands of artist websites. That includes signed, unsigned, independent, and everything in-between. Basically, if the artist wants to offer a free music download, then SoundClick will try to deliver it. just like soundcloud.

Searching for music is pretty simple. You can search by artist, genre, or by chart. You can sample as much as you want, and download whatever you want. There’s also a radio option that lets you sample music while multi-tasking on something else.

Note: SoundClick does offer a mix of paid and free content. The reason is that some artists prefer to charge for their downloads, while others want to give it away for free. Their choice, but you can sample whatever you choose.

Check out SoundClick here.

More still at down…


Music Download

  • GoearMP3

GoearMP3 has room for newly added musics, most rated musics, top albums and top videos too.Music is been released on dailt bases at GoearMP3.

See more here.


Music Download

  • SoundCloud

SoundCloud offers a free music download collection, Just like Amazon. But you have to know how to find them.

So here’s how it works: SoundCloud is essentially a free streaming service. But a lot of artists also allow free downloads as well. You have to search around, but you’ll see a free music download option if the artist has enabled it.

Then, it’s yours!

Keep in mind that many larger artists only stream. In fact, most major label artists are prohibited from offering free downloads, based on their contracts.

Check out SoundCloud here.


Music Download

  • Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi Songs (App)

If you’re looking for Indian music, Bollywood, Bhangra, Tamil, and Punjabi, with lots of music in a variety of regional dialects. Just to give you a sample, the dialect selection includes the following: Malayalam, Rajasthani, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Telugu, Bhojpuri, and Gujarati, among others.

Beyond Indian regional music, there are also a lot of global, mainstream songs. Think Coldplay, Jason Derulo, Shakira, and the Chainsmokers, and you get the idea. That said, that’s not the main focus of this app. But it’s a nice addition for those that want some global variety.

In total, Wynk offers 2.6 million tracks of mostly Indian music. There are also a huge number of playlists and a full-blown radio service. Again, most are focused on Indian music.

You can find Wynk Music here.


Music Download

  • Free Music download

Free Music download is free music site , you can collect all kind of favorite Music Video (MV) around the world , Why our app is special and different with others ? “Let your Music Video(MV) become your music player at anytime , from anywhere“ . You can enjoy your music from anywhere , for example take bus , driving or running.

See more here..


Music Download


MP3juices was off before, but Now, the site has re-emerged at as a streaming-to-download site, including YouTube conversion. Basically, you can search for whatever tracks you want, and will convert the track into a free music download for you.

Get Mp3juices here…

It still goes on…


Music Download

  • Youtube music

youtube music: As we all know how effective youtube platform is, the youtube music has seem effect.Here you can find best and new royalty free music in different genres. All music sorted by popularity, mood, genre, use, etc. All no copyright music with free download and can be use for videos. you get all kinds of music you want in youtube music platform.

See more here..


Music Download

  • MP3 Music Download Hunter (App)

MP3 Music Download Hunter is a relative newcomer in the Android app space. But it’s proving to be a solid option for free music downloads. Basically, Download Hunter scours millions of copyright-free songs for download. Technically, these are Creative Commons licensed songs, which means the creators have authorized free downloading (and uploading, for that matter).

Mp3 Music Download Hunter is currently available through the Google Play Store. Basically, they were looking for artists like Trey Songz or Katy Perry, which MP3 Hunter doesn’t offer.

After locating a collection of free music downloads, Hunter helps you organize them. That includes organization and storage for offline listening on mobile devices. Of course, that’s great for anyone worried about cellular bandwidth charges.

MP3 Music Downloader Hunter is available here.


Music Download

  • is the fastest mp3 search engine across the globe.
With the platform you can use it with your Mac, a Linux PC , iPhone or even an Android phone to download free mp3 music. All our conversions will be performed in high quality mode with a bitrate of at least 256 kBit/s.

What MP3hunter can do

Listen & download all your favorite latest mp3 music for free from multi category music databases in the highest quality for free. No registration or software required. is available here.


Music Download

  • Spinrilla (Site+App)

Spinrilla hip-hop mixtape closer, you might want to check out Spinrilla.
Spinrilla is a site and an app. According to its Google Play Store listing, Sprinrilla has more than 5 million downloads.
Basically, Spinrilla taps into a treasure trove of mixtapes from established sites like DatPiff, then reassembles them into a single interface.

The ratings on this app are pretty strong. And hip-hop heads regard this as a top app.

You can find Spinrilla here…

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