The Latest Information About the Npower programme

Npower programme

The latest information about the Npower, you add up your… if you were selected for first phase of the Npower programme and anyone asks you for money to do anything, please report them on this thread withThe Test Is Still On…………..
1. state
2. local government area
3. name (if you) you are not expected to pay any official for anything.

It is free …
An official announcement will be made shortly as regards the physical verification of the 200,000 selected for the first phase of the npower programme. The physical Verification will be done nationwide.

Npower programme

Selected for the first phase of the npower programme, please follow the steps listed below:
if you have been selected for the first phase of the programme. go to with your phone number or your email address provided during npower registration as the username and surname as password.
Connect either your facebook or twitter account. change your default password (minimum of 6 characters).

After you are logged into the platform: update your profile:
* click on account settings on the left pane
* then click on adit information (next to personal information)
* update your personal information, click on update account to save.
Update your bank account details:
* click on account settings on the left pane
* check if account detail is correct
* if not, click on edit information (next to bank information)
* update your bank account number and BVN
*click on update account to save.
Access the learning contents on the platform:
* on the home page, click on “go to perpare” or ” prepare” on the left pane
* click on “welcome to NPVN” card to watch the welcome video
* click on a module to access learning content  …

These are the Npower legitimate sites. please do  NOT log in your information anywhere else….

Here are Npower legitimate sites

  1. Https://
  2. Https://

Selected …….. unable to log in to use your phone number as the  username And your surname as the password.

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