Solid Star: W.E.E.D Graphic Design Contest

W.E.E.D Graphic design contest

It is a Graphic design contest… From SOLID STAR which he Tagged W.E.E.D Graphic design contest..
Are you a good graphic Designer? Here is your opportunity to blow and make it big. Go on and put your creativity and talent in test. And stand a chance to WIN A brand New MacBook Pro Laptop.
For the love Solid Star have for his fans and for there support shown to him, he brought Weed Album Art Contest.
The contest involves fans, the graphic designers among all ,to create an album artwork for W.E.E.D, just show how creative you are and stand a chance to win the MacBook pro Laptop from SOLID STAR. It is a WAY solid star wants to support the young talented.

Search and Follow him up on Facebook and twitter @solidstarisoko Or Instagram at Officialsolidstar, to get more info.

One Response to Solid Star: W.E.E.D Graphic Design Contest

  1. TJ says:

    Okay… lemme see wah I can cuk up

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