Robert Yancy, Son of Legendary Musician Natalie Cole dies @ age of 39.

Robert Yancy

Robert Yancy, son of Legendary musician Natalie Cole and Grandson of Nat King Cole, passes away at the age of 39, just less than two years after the death of his mother.

Robert Yancy was found dead inside his San Fernando Valley apartment on Monday evening after a friends who had not heard from him in a few days went to check up on him.

His death, at the age of 39, comes 20 months after his mother Natalie Cole passed away in late December of 2015 from cognitive heart failure

Robert’s death was the result of a heart attack, which also caused the death of his father Marvin back in 1985 at the age of 34

He was the grandson of legendary jazz singer Nat King Cole and Maria Hawkins Ellington, who performed with Duke Ellington

According to DailyMail. Robert was working on a documentary about his mother and seemed depressed about her death back in May.

According to TMZ. The Family members where contacted by the authorities at 2:30 AM Tuesday and said Robert died of a heart attack.

Robert Yancy

Law enforcement tells us, pending an autopsy, they have listed it as death from natural causes, but that can change once the autopsy and toxicology tests are completed to authorities.

But According to the family it’s clear drugs where never involved. as Robert was until his death never abused drugs and was on track on “turning his life around”.

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