Parallel Space v3.1.6156 – Multi Account, Download APK

Parallel Space

Parallel Space helps you to run multi account, i.e more then one app and Games of the same app in your phone. Double your apps in your phone and enjoy your phone the more, that is you can have two Facebook, two whatsApp, two Instagram, two Snapchat and any other apps you went to double, and they will function with a different account Name or User.

The App that is built to help you carry out this task is called Parallel Space, it’s built to help you download double app and you be able to use them at once in the same phone.

How to Download Parallel Space  v3.1.6156 and how it works.

Enter your phone browser or get to your google play home store and type parallel space and you download it, after downloading you install in your phone, then you open the first you want to use on it, the once you open it, it can be running while you download another one, e.i the same app, and you open that one as well and the both will be working at the same time.

Click HERE to Download the APK in your Smartphone

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