Neymar PSG Weekly Wages Makes Him the Second World Highest Paid Footballer Claims Football Leaks…


Tevez is the highest paid footballer following his transfer to China, and Neymar junior have fallen behind him as the second highest paid footballer in the world..

Football links recently leaked it out that Neymar is now the highest paid footballer after his exit from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain.

Brazilian finally completed a move to Parc De Princes from Barcelona during the summer in a world record fee..

The £222 million player has becomes the world most expensive player, Neymar have been rewarding the Parc de princes with a good display so far this season and football sources have linked it out the players contract with PSG.

Football leaks affirms that Neymar earns just over £3millions in a month in ligue 1,a figure that works out as a total annual salary of £36.8million.

Only Tevez Currently in Chinese super League with shanguai shehua, takes home a greeter wage,with reports suggesting the Argentine will pick up £38.4million from his year in Asia..

Reports and leaks have made it known to us that Neymar jurnior is the highest paid footballer in Europe..

More than his former teammate Lionel Messi and Ronaldo,to put the number claimed by the controversial outlet in perspective, Neymar earns $100,000. $4,000 an hour or a staggering $66 a minutes.

The PSG player who recently had a penalty issue with his fellow teammate Cavani which the couch later said that they are matured enough to settle the issue, that his going to interfere when his presence is needed.

Sources and leaks have made it known to us that PSG board haven given Edinson Cavani a Staggering fee of $1 million to pay him off from taking penalty which the Uruguay striker turned down….

Lionel Messi, who Neymar played with doing their days in Barcelona, will be signing a new awaiting contract that worth a region of £40 millions annually putting him above Neymar when the contract is signed.

Recently it was said by Benedito that Barcelona lied that Messi contract was renewed,that it was his father that signed…

Neymar have made a good start in France with his forward line partner,the Brazilian attacker joined PSG with his fellow countryman and former Barcelona teammate Dani Alves who joined from Juventus on a free transfer after their defect in Champion League final against Real Madrid..

Presently Neymar is the highest paid footballer in Europe above Messi who is yet to renew his contract and Ronaldo who have not find his best form so far this season after his Red Card that was given to him in La liga…

Neymar is the highest paid footballer in Europe with the recent contract he signed with PSG,,,

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