Morata Denies Reports: Said He Regrets Signing For Chelsea….


Morata Denies Reports: The Chelsea striker has denied the reports that he regret signing for English club Chelsea, the Spanish man who publicly made it clear that he miss the life in Italy was said to have highlighted it on the ground that he regrets signing for Chelsea..

The striker has said that the issue occurred as a result of communication problem.

The Spanish forward made a transfer from the Spanish giant Real Madrid to Juventus but later returned back to Real Madrid,but the striker has made it clear that he was not treated like the way he expected it when he returned to Real Madrid according to La Gazzetta Dello Sport…

According to reports that he regret signing for Chelsea which he has made it clear that it was a communication problem and he didn’t really meant to say that he regret signing for Chelsea,that if Chelsea should offer him a 10 years contract that he will probably sign it..

The Chelsea striker has made a good start in English league since his transfer from the Spanish giant Real Madrid,the striker has scored seven goals in 13 appearance and has hailed the blues coach Antonio Conte.

Alvaro Morata said it that what he meant was that he enjoyed his days in Italy,he told reporters at a press conference..”in the interview that he wanted to say that after my career i don’t live in London. But i am really happy in London..

”I really like London now,but probably in the future when i want to bring my children to school i prefer to go back to my country which is Spain..

I am talking about the traffic and lots of people.But its a great city…. I really enjoyed London..
The striker Morata has nullified any reports that he is not enjoying his life in London..Rather he was trying to talk about his football career as a whole and his life experience too..

Morata has initially said that he was treated like a kid in his days in Real Madrid when he returned back to the club for the second spell.. That he was not treated that way in his days in Juventus before leaving the club..

The striker then said that he really has a good relationship with the blues coach. They talks a lots. He loves to works hard and i do too..

He also made it clear that if Chelsea is willingly to offer him a ten years contract that he will probably takes it…

Morata has made a wonderful start in English Premier League and the Spain striker Morata starts ahead of the Belgium striker Batshuayi…

Chelsea will be traveling to Italy as their are to take A.S Roma in the returning leg in the champion league with their draw match in London…..

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