Its Amazing, Madrid Wins Juventus 4-1 in UEFA Champions League Final.

UEFA Champions league

Madrid Wins Juventus 4-1 in UEFA Champions League Final. Zinédine Zidane starts a record for he took Madrid to UEFA Champions league final and carries the Cup. At the line up of the match it seems that Juve will do it all to Madrid and all eyes were open to see Juve beat Madrid, then C. Ronaldo give it in at the 20th mins of the match and says “it is I” in his Jubilation, then the Juve’s starts playing hard to know if they can do to make impact.

UEFA Champions league

C. Ronaldo’s First Goal

#History Made: Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first player to score in three UEFA Champions League finals with his 20th-minute goal for Real Madrid against Juventus in Cardiff. To know more about the Histories Made Click Here.

And later at the late 20s of the match, a wonderful goal by Mandzukic at 27mins, which makes Juve feel good and things they are on the move to carry the trophy. Early today the Owner of Juventus (President ) promise them that if they carries this UEFA Champions league cup home, that he will give each of them one Ferrari car.

As a gift of honor to them for bringing the cup home to Juventus. but when another goal was given by Casemiro at the 61mins of the match which is at the second half of the match, the mind of the Juve’s went down based on the promise made to them if they brings home the trophy, as they were try to know if they can make an attempt, another goal was given by C. Ronaldo, which he calls moral killing meaning that has just killed the moral of the Juve’s. The goal was celebrated astonishingly.

UEFA Champions league


As if that was not enough, at the 90th mins of the match, Marco Asensio Willemsen closed up the match with a fabulous goal which he used to say “is our time to carry the cup and go home“. C. Ronaldo keeps on make his record and moving on. Real Madrid never stops there jubilation and saying “we’re the CHAMPION!!! “WE ARE THE #CHAMP12NS OF EUROPE!”

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Cristiano Ronaldo is the first player to score in three UEFA Champions League finals following his strike. And this is his Fourth (4th) UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE CUP TROPHY he’s carrying, while it’s the 12th time that Real Madrid is carrying the Trophy..

UEFA Champions league

Another History Made: Zinédine Zidane has become only the second coach to win the European Cup in his first two seasons in management, matching José Villalonga who took Real Madrid to an inaugural pair of titles.

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