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  1. caroline chigbo .n. says:

    I want to to be a memeber.

    • crewfetch says:

      Its very easy to register and become a member, just click HERE to be guided. And when you register, you try and make your payment on time, so that will not be blocked, and automatically you will be upgraded to level 1, where you are eligible to receive money of same amount from five people..

  2. Nicholas says:

    What if I’m unable to get five people who will register under me after paying N7400 ? What becomes the outcome?

    • crewfetch says:

      the system will automatically give you people to register under you, at the interval of one month… click here to join

  3. Jecy says:

    Please how do I unblock my crowdrising account.

    • crewfetch says:

      use a friend’s acct to write them in there support chat room…

  4. Muogbo Victoria Ebere says:

    how do I join? and how do I make payment and receiving??

  5. Nonso says:

    pls am having trouble logging in, when I log in d system opens crowdrisimg home instead of my account and I can’t register people under me

    • crewfetch says:

      Its Network problem, because of too many people in the site at the same time. when ever it happened like that again, just keep refreshing your page and it will get better.

  6. oemman says:

    Here is how it works. You will be in level 0 automatically immediately you register (either through invite or directly from their site). You will then need to pay a sum of $20 to whoever invite you or whoever the system generates (provided you registered directly and not through invite) after the confirmation of the payment you move to level 1. You can either wait for the system to give you 5 people who will then pay you $20 each totalling $100 or work it on yourself and look for those five people by telling them to register through your referral link just because it might take the system some time to get you those five people. You can opt out after the $100 or decide to move to level 2 by paying $40 to whoever invite who invited you, which will now give you the opportunity of receiving $40 from 25 people totalling $1000. Those 25 people are the 5people recruited by each of those 5 people you recruited. It is even more interesting than this. NOT a scam.
    Here is my link for you to register http://crowdrising.net/ref/oemman

  7. Vivian says:

    If I Bring 5 People Within A Week Will I Be Paid Instantly?

    • crewfetch says:

      Yes ofcus, you will get paid instantly.

  8. Vivian says:

    Answer Pls I Want To Join

  9. valkay says:

    I got 9 referrals under me overnight after i did a little campaigning on threads. I woke up the next morning to see 9 referrals. I know that if you have excess referrals, the system will automatically spill them over to your downlines who have paid you. Since none of these 9 people had paid by that time, every referral was still linked to me. So i want to ask, how do i pass the remaining four referrals to my downlines after the first 5 people have paid me?

    • crewfetch says:

      After you have get full with your own downline, the system will automatically put them under those your downlines..

  10. Juliet says:

    I reg under a guy and he said its 8k now I’m seeing 7400 which one is real, though I’ve not paid o

    • crewfetch says:

      don’t give the person 8k, the price remains 7.4k, it has not change..

  11. isaac says:

    i have registered 4 d past 2 weeks now & there has been no alert..tho i havent bring any1,how long do i wait b4 i c d alert & wat is my fate in dis situation

    • crewfetch says:

      definitely you will get alert, just have patience, you it will get to your turn

  12. Morris says:

    I just got registered and it is refusing to log in to my account

    • crewfetch says:

      check your email, just to know if you are entering the right username and password..

    • crewfetch says:

      or you keep refreshing the page till it get yours.

  13. Ogugua chika says:

    I jst registered under u, but i can’t login to my account and it was confirmed wat wil i do @rebecca nnenna

    • crewfetch says:

      you need to be refreshing your page, just to make sure you are on the right part, then you make payment to the acct there, for you to be upgraded and you start making your own money. call the number you see there for help. if you need any.

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