How To Make Money Online; Just by Sharing Your Posts: Articles, Videos, Opinions, Reviews or Pictures.


Make Money Online; Just by Sharing Your Post OR Article: Just as you share your pictures on social medias for fun and for your friends to see, so you can use that means to make money for your self.

Most people live below one dollar per day according to statistics of Earning money on daily bases. But here in this article , you will get closer to earning money on daily base using your social media platform the way you are on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on… Because you Need it…

There are online money making sites I’ll talk about in this article, sites like,

The First,


Earn for Social Media Sharing.. It is an unapologetic ad-free social media platform dedicated to conscious minded communities worldwide. It was founded in 2016 with a strong belief that true freedom can only come from power; when we have true power, we are able to:

  • Spend our hard-earned money where it will benefit us
  • Select leaders that truly have our best interest at heart
  • Control our narrative
  • Speak with one voices
  • Fight oppression

Their mission statement is simple: “To be the number one platform for conscious minded people.”

How to join

log on to, Create an Accont by Signing Up, Then start Posting Content, Follow members and watch you points increase.. its just as easy as that… OR Click HERE..

At this platform, you Earn points for sharing content that makes people think, content that educates, or content that opens the mind to new possibilities. You can use these points to get gift cards or free merchandise such as tablets, game consoles and apparels.

Yodovo is trying to change the way people think about social media by encouraging the members to share content with substance and really share with one another.

Join to:

  • Meet great people from all over the world who are fighting for a better world
  • Empower our communities for real economic and political strength
  • Unify our fragmented voice against oppression
  • Promote your business and services to keep our money in our community
  • Earn points that can used to purchase merchandise such as electronics, books, school supplies etc.

This platform is mostly good for those persons who spend more of their time on social media, Here is the good Platform where you can turn your time spending on Social media for Money making time.


The Second,


Its all About ‘Getting MONEY for placing unique articles to your website or blog!’. They’re an advertising company that represents a lot of services and solutions on the Internet.
They want you to place our unique quality articles about their clients on your website(s) and get profit. You will receive payment on delivery through PayPal (or another payment system of your choice).
They’re paying from 5$ to 200$. Usually it depends on the site traffic, Google rankings, etc. you to Contact their support team to get the best price!

#This Platform is Rightly for website owners and bloggers; It another way of increasing their Earning.

How to start with

Just login to their site and click on ‘i’m ready to start’ and a page will pump out; fill up the form and wait for there response. Or Click Here..

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