How To Build Your Child’s Career From Womb To Adult


HOW TO BUILD UP YOUR CHILD’S CAREER: Children are tablaraser (Empty slate) They Carry In Them Anything Deposited, their brain are also sharp to hear and to take instruction even from the womb. There is this pregnant woman who experiences a kick from her womb from the 4th month of her pregnancy all the time, then her husband discovered that, was happening. And he did something; he taps on that area the baby kicks slightly and will say don’t do that again, funny enough the baby stops kicking at that time. Then in the subsequent days while the baby is kicking the pregnant woman, she will torch the affected part, whisper and say i will tell your father, and immediately the baby will stop kicking. Training of your children and building of their careers begins from the womb.



  1. Don’t use foul language close to your pregnant wife.
  2. let all your words be carefully selected.
  3. Let your words be educative when you are with your.
  4. Don’t speak UN-Godly words close to your wife.
  5. Correct your child from the womb when he kick’s by sparking that area and talking to him cos he masters your voice from the womb.




  1. Make sure to always do that which Godly and correct because they try to imitate your every speech.
  2. Always speak correct English to them.
  3. Always be prepared to answer there questions when they ask, cos they accept and carry anything you tell them.
  4. Train them properly just like the bible said in the book of proverbs “ train of a child in the way he should grow…..”
  5. Indulge them into a good school
  6. Teach them to face challenges by teaching how to do their assignment and let them do it them self. Then as they grow to discover their talents, when found.
  7. Attach them to a mentor in that field to mentor them. e.g if you discovered your child is and artist, find an artist to mentor your child, if he loves caring for people get him a medical personnel (Nurse, Doctor, Pharmacist, Agriculturist) to  discover him.
  8. Always allow them earn what ever they do.
  9. Teach them to work at home and to care for there love ones.
  10. Teach them critical thinking.

Then your child is ready for the society. A Word of Advantage on How you build up your child, ”What Ever You Teach Your Child When He/She Is Young, Is What He/She Will Teach You When You Are Old.” ….

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