Fitbit/Smartwatchs, Now Used as Crime Detector | Gadgets Snitch, You Better Stay Honest…


Do you own a Fitbit or a Smartwatch? You better be good cause soon you’ll have your gadgets Snitch on you. As technologies are doing great job; making it hard to lie anymore, worst of it is that they can place you at the scene of the crime.



YOUR Fitbit smart gadgets are about to give the game away if you’re telling porkies.

Thanks to sensor-packed, web-connected gizmos, law enforcers do not have to keep as close an eye on us anymore because we are splashing our hard earned cash on tech that keeps tabs us in check – even if we don’t realize it.

According to THESUN UK who turns to the case of Richard Dabate, who is facing trial after being charged with the murder of his wife Connie’s murder in 2015.

Dabate, 41, who was found bleeding and lashed to a chair with zip ties and the body of his wife in the house, claimed that armed robbers had murdered Connie in front of him.

Police combed his home and his town Ellington, Chicago, but found no suspect.

It was only when they turned to data pulled from the smart gadgets in the home that they realized something was a mess, His home smart alarm system, Facebook, smartphone, email and a key-fob allowed police to re-create a minute-by-minute account of the morning, suggesting Dabate’s story was complete fiction, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Investigators in the US are increasingly turning to Fitbits and similar internet-connected devices like Amazon’s Alexa for evidence in criminal cases.

And it’s likely that prosecutors in the UK will begin to hunt for any clues within smartphones, connected speakers or fitness trackers for trials of the future.

A law professor, Andrew Ferguson in the US says we are entering an era of “sensorveillance” in which at least one device or another to be monitoring us most of the time, like web connected sex toys could snitch on who your doing with and for how long you’ve been on it.

As Technology is essentially killing any opportunity we have to lie – so if you’re planning on forking out for a pricey gizmo, you better stay honest.

Gartner a Tech analysts said that by 2020 there will be three smart devices for every person on the planet.

There are already 8.4 billion gizmos connected to the web, they claimed.


With each one of this gadgets expected to help create a highly detailed profile of its owners like the Amazon Echo which is a hands free speaker with AI-powered virtual assistant Alexa which records your conversations with her.

This is not the first time gadgets have proven to be very useful in criminal proceedings in countries like the US.
In 2015 the tech giant refused to comply when asked to hand over recordings from an Alexa speaker which was witness to a murder in Arkansas.

Even if you’re not a bloodthirsty murderer, your gadgets can still snitch.

A marathon cheat had her medal stripped from her after her Garmin smartwatch revealed she had taken a shortcut.

Adulterers might find it harder to keep their affairs under tabs with things like WhatsApp’s Online status and smartphone location data.

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