Ebonyi state university | Ebsu 2016 strike called off

Ebsu 2016 strike called off

Update | Ebsu 2016 strike called off: The Ebonyi State University Strike which lasted for about four(4) days has been called off. As the matters arose was discussed and settled between the governor and the lecturers. So after all these talking, the governor accepted to help the look in to the matter and also tell them to go call of the strike, that he will set up a committee to do as they have requested. Then the lecturers conceded and call off the strike yesterday being the 20th of October 2016.

Ebsu 2016 strike called off: Answers to the reason for Ebonyi State University Strike, by the Governor

According to the Union, the strike is to press home their demand for the State Government to release the 2014 Professorial promotion and 2015 promotion of other cadres of academic staff of the institution and none gazetting of Academic Staff for the last 15 years. Chairman of the union, Prof Ndubuisi Idenyi said that apart from the release of the promotion, the union is also protesting the slashing of their monthly salaries by the State government. The governor said: I will look in to it.

He also called for the sack of the university Vice Chancellor, Prof Francis Idike who he alleged have stayed beyond his stipulated tenure in office. Prof Idenyi said that before now, the union had planned to embark on a warning strike but after deliberations, the general consensus was for them to embark on a total and indefinite strike action.

According to him, before the commencement of the industrial action, the union had written to the institution management informing them of their intention to embark on the strike.
He said: “But unfortunately all the demands we presented to the management, none was meet and we had no other option than to commence the strike action”.

“We have eight point demand, one is the demand for gazetting of the academic staff of the institution for the last 15 years, another is the Professorial promotion for 2014 and other caders for 2015 which government said the management are withholding, so we want it released immediately”.

“Another is the defective EBSU law, there is no where in the world that the law we are using in the university is being operated where a Vice Chancellor will serve for 2 terms of 8 years each”.
“What the law provided is a single term of 5 years, we want that to be enshrined in our own law and that we are demanding.

To all the eight point demand, The governor said: I will set up a committee to look into them.

More stories:, The Student Union Government President yesterday called all the student around to discuss on the matter and on it’s effect to the students. After their discussions yesterday they protested on the issue, led by there (SUG) President, and they were listened to. Ebonyi state university strike has been called off.

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