Download Moboplayer 1.3.314 APK Free for Android

Moboplayer 1.3.314 APK

Moboplayer gives you all you want as you are watching video in your, pause, rewind, fast forward and record with moboplayer 1.3.314 APK. Enjoy the fullest of features mob player gives you as you download and play. Moboplayer 1.3.314 APK is of two versions, which are the ordinary(free version) Moboplayer and the (pay version) Moboplayer Pro. The moboplayer pro has more features than the ordinary version, but the difference is not much, it’s just the internal features of the application. The pay version is about $5 – $6. Moboplayer is Best to be used in Andriod Phones and other smartphones.

Download Moboplayer 1.3.314 APK Free for Android.

Moboplayer 1.3.314 was released on June 23, 2016, with 14mb size and requires android version of 2.3 and above to work perfectly. Watch videos on Phones without conversion, anytime and anywhere.
with features of the best playback experience and quality.

It can support all kinds of video you want to play on it, like Popular subtitle formats such as SRT, ASS, and SAA, Subtitles built in MKV, MPV, MOV, and others Multi-audio streams and multi-subtitles. Playlists and continuous play on same type files, Videos streamed through HTTP, RTSP protocols. Media libraries and sort videos by type, Thumbnail displays of videos.

Some features of moboplayer 1.3.314 APK.

  • Increase or decrease the brightness¬† of your screen.Moboplayer 1.3.314 APK
  • Side play your video and be doing another thing.
  • ¬†Screen shot your video and save it as picture.
  • Side line video selection.
  • Multiple playing of video.

Moboplayer still remains the best video player on Android so far. As it still give you what you want to enjoy your smartphone to the fullest. Download and install Moboplayer in your Android phone, for it makes you know your phone like you never known it before.

To download moboplayer (free version)

To downlaod moboplayer pro (pay version)

The pay version is about $5 – $6.

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