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Boom Player App

Hi Friends, do you know you can make your music player the best companion you can ever have at all times. Boomplay Music (Boom Player App) is one music player app that every one, making use of android phone suppose to have in their phone.

As it has lots of features concerning music, features like, with Boom Player App in your phone you can access any new Music and Video of your choice and play it as if it was in your phone before time. You’re also kept notified based on any music news and video news that may come around.

Boomplay (Boom player) is so nice that if you are making use of the app, you will always want another person to enjoy what you are enjoying. Get access to unlimited African and international music/videos.

How to download Boom Player App in Android phone and iPhone.

Just enter your Google play store with your Android phone and type Boom player and it will show for your download.

Then if you are making use of iPhone, get to your Apple play store and search “Boom player” and you will see it fo4 your download. It is actually, quite easy to download these ways I stated above.

#If I start talking about how good Boomplay music (Boom player) is, I will write till my ink finishes, it just so good that you will need to try it and see for your self. But the point is that you will Discover new music or artists, and stay updated with the latest/trending music by choosing any of our ready-made playlist that suits your mood or simply follow other users to see what they are listening to.

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Most Features of Boom Player App:

  • Pre-order: Be the first to download albums, EPs, singles and more from your favourite artists before the official release date.
  • Followed Playlists: Browse through and enjoy unlimited playlists created by our experienced music editors or simply follow a user to see his/her playlist.
  • Lyrics: Sing along to your favourite songs with lyrics synchronized to every track.
  • Radio: The best music radio stations across Africa with preset frequencies.
  • Slides: Discover the latest music from your favourite artistes.
  • Trending: Get to know what everyone is listening to and downloading.
  • Suggested Users: Explore other users including celebrities to see what they are listening to.
  • Albums: Play and download your favourite albums anytime, anywhere.
  • Daily Lucky Draw: How lucky are you? Find out daily on the app with the lucky draw feature which allows your to win free Coins everyday.
  • Notification: Be the first to know of new releases and interact with other users directly.
  • Moods: Enjoy music suited for your current mood and state of mind.

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