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Finally Nigeria looks forth to having a Free Wifi in the Country from A company called Flobyt which was unveiled in Lagos on Friday. The company works in Collaboration with the Chief Executive Officer of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy.

Naija Green Card | Get 5-50% Discount, Get Yours Now

Naija Green Card

Naija Green Card | Get 5-50% Discount, Get Yours Now: Good news For Nigerian Students and Youth Copers. Nigeria is getting Better By Introducing Naija Green Card, to help the Youths to get Dis-countable price in everything they buy.

HD 360X Zoom Lens – Phone camera lens, New Technology

HD 360X zoom lens

This time is very incredible, as it make your android phone take camera like digital camera. It is called HD 360X zoom lens – Phone Camera lenses, an incredible zoom lens. Take Professional Pictures on your phone.

Glo 4G LTE | Enjoy The Fastest Internet Speed

Glo 4G LTE

Glo has lunched 4G LTE  Network with the Fastest Internet Speed Ever. currently Glo 4G LTE is Available in about 9 States in Nigeria and it’s fast grooming the hearts of those using it,

New Technology: China Unveils Transit Elevated Bus (T.E.B)

Transit Elevated Bus

Technology is seriously going far and fast, Imagine a new built bus by china ( world biggest bus ) Called the Transit Elevated Bus (T.E.B), that has the capacity of about 300 passengers, which is a combination of 3 or 4 buses in 1.

Portable Attachable HD 360X – Phone Camera lenses

HD 360X zoom lens

HD 360X – Phone Camera lenses: Wow!!!, As some people will shout cause they see that you use your phone as a digital camera. No need to shout, Technology has really gotten to the extent that things are built at UN-explainable way,

MTN 4G LTE Network, Best Network for Smartphones, PCs

MTN 4G LTE Network.

Happy chap chap!! to those using smartphone with 4G network availability as MTN hits Nigeria with 4G LTE network. Mtn 4G LTE network is a network service with a very hi network performance faster then ever and it is more than 10times faster than 3G Network.

How To Trace Your Mobile Phone If Stolen Or Lost.

Trace Your Mobile Phone

Most time people thinks that once they phone is lost or stolen, that there is no way to get it back. But here in this Article i will tell you how to Trace Your Mobile Phone (i.e get back your phone if stolen or lost).