All About iCharity club And Full Description on How iCharity Works

About iCharity

UPDATED: All About iCharity club And Full Description on How iCharity Works: iCharity Club is a Helping Community platform but with a different and powerful format.
This is the Best of its Kind and it is REAL. It is Not a HYIP, Not Investment company, and Not a Scam. This is where Members in community donate money to one another. JOIN NOW

About iCharity club: To start it requires only first donation of N6,000 ($20) and in less than 2 days you will get N30,000. It is the fastest and best community platform I have ever come across to and donations are made direct to your local bank account.

You are not paying money into the system. When you Register FREE you will need to Upgrade from free member to Grade 1 by paying N6,000 to your upline.. (ie the person you register via his link) after it’s confirmed, the System will get you other downlines from Spillovers who will also register via your own link and they will also donate N6,000 each to you.

More to know About iCharity club

You only need 5 people under you to upgrade to the next level Grade 2. When you have successfully Registered, Login to your Member Area and Update your Bank Accounts Details.

Now one good thing here is that you may not be the one struggling to get the downlines, the system will be assigning people under you from the spillovers from other members, therefore in 4-7 days time you may have your complete 5 referrals who will be paying you N6,000 each making N30,000 and once you have your complete 5, you are now qualified to upgrade to Grade2.
Everybody in this community contributes by making donations and everybody earns from donations from others. Click Her To Register

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Just to set your Home Hunger Free….

You donate to your sponsor/upline then receive N30,000 donations from 5 other members you directly referred or referred by the system. All extra referrals will be auto-place under your direct referrals until its completed.

It is called Spillover. Then you are expected to take out N12,000 from your N30,000 donation and pay to your assigned upline’s account. After your donation is approved, you will immediately be upgraded to Grade 2.

Immediately after you upgraded to Grade2,This is where the system will do the magic, at this level you will sit back and watch money flowing into your account. It is totally the systems Job now to bring 25 people who will pay you N12,000 each.
You are entitled to receive N300,000 donation. You donate N12,000 to your assigned sponsor/upline then receive N12,000 donations from 25 other members which sums up to 300,000. It continues to Grade3-10. Its very simple and fast. Click here To know More About iCharity club.

66 Responses to All About iCharity club And Full Description on How iCharity Works

  1. moses says:

    I have completed my first level 30,000 but the has not assigned for level two for 300,000 why

  2. moses says:

    And how do I have to wait to enter level two.

    • crewfetch says:

      once you are done receiving your all payment from level one, you click on upgrade in your dashboard, and you will pay who ever that is your upline, and you will upgraded to grade two. and you will now relax and be receiving your money..

  3. moses says:

    To enter level two for 300,000 how long I’m going to wait

  4. amadi happiness says:

    please i want to join but when will i get my code

    • crewfetch says:

      click here to join,, and you will get your code as soon as possible..

    • davd says:

      i have two persons under me dat register will still pay me 30k in 2weeks

    • Alex Ocran says:

      Good day,
      If you are yet to join, add me up on WhatsApp and I will send you my referral link to join and put you through.

  5. Mbachu Victoria says:

    How long do I have to wait for donations with down lines.

    • crewfetch says:

      from the very day you registered and upgrade, you are entailed to receiving money from people till you complete your grade one within one month or more, depending on the system randomization rate…

  6. okprince says:

    Good day friend!

    Do you want to sustain yourself financially in this period of *recession* in the country? Do you want to make cool money to take settle your bills? Then Icharity club is for you!

    Register with just N6,000 and make your 30,000 in 3-4 days

    Click on this link to register TODAY

    Have you registered but have challenges finding people as your referral? Do you have challenges upgrading to the next grade or you are looking for a reliable Upline that can help promote your link while you are sleeping?

    Call 09033510489. You are on your way making millions on your bed.

    • confidence Akagbuo says:

      I have register bt am having problem,

      • crewfetch says:

        Ok, i hope your problems have been solved ?

  7. Elprizzy says:

    How long does it take to get my 30k if I don’t refer people

    • crewfetch says:

      within one month or more, depending the system randomization rate…

      • Ruby says:

        this one month or long is ‘more’?

        • crewfetch says:

          it comes from your upline performance…

  8. caleb says:

    Please will I still get paid even though I dont bring people into the system (refer)

  9. caleb says:

    Without having spillovers from your upline

  10. faith says:

    I have gotten my 30k But have nOt join gread two wat is happening

    • crewfetch says:

      you are the one to do it your self, by clicking the Upgrade space showing on the dashboard, and you will be shown who to pay to for your upgrade.. once you pay, you will automatically be upgraded just as it was in your grade one.

  11. femzi samuel says:

    please i will i make the first payment after registration

  12. lucy says:

    how long will I wait for my 30k if i don’t refer people

    • crewfetch says:

      its starts counting from the very day you created the acct till the interval of one month…

  13. confidence Akagbuo says:

    We I be pay if I don’t refers anybody if yes how long we it take please I need to no

    • crewfetch says:

      yes, it will take within 1 month…

  14. Linus says:

    pls how can I confirmed someone that has registered and pay under my link

    • crewfetch says:

      login to your dashboard you will see the notification pupping up, click on it, and it ask you if you want to confirm or not, you click yes, and it will be confirmed…

  15. davd says:

    i have two person dat register under me will day still pay me my 30k in 2weeks time

    • crewfetch says:

      you two persons already, it means you have gotten 12k out 30k you suppose to get. you will just wait for the remaining amount or you still bring more people just like you did before..

    • crewfetch says:

      you already have 12k out of 30k of your expected payment, that’s what it mean..

  16. Greg says:

    I clicked upgrade to enter grade 2 and I didn’t see anyone as my grade 2 upline.the system says my upline not ready. What will I do now?

    • crewfetch says:

      contact the person who were shown on the dashboard of your payment, and you let person know that you want to upgrade, then the person will upgrade and give you chance to upgrade too.

  17. Vin says:

    @crewfetch, Pls drop ur phone number here, i want to register under u, but i still want 2 get something clear. Tanx

    • crewfetch says:

      Our customer care line is in our site page ( About us ) but i will give it you here , 09033514589…

  18. Joseph says:

    I registered and donated for my grade one yesterday and i have goten two downlines who registered under me between yesterday and this morning but i cannot access my account in order to confirm them.Its almost 24hours now.why is the site showing error 525 and 522.what do i do?

    • crewfetch says:

      The site is actually under maintenance to accommodate the high number of people visiting their site. And seriously, they are on it.

  19. sanipresh says:

    On icharity it is advisable for you to be registered under a fast growing, active and vibrant upliner because that is the only way you the downliner can benefit easily because the more persons registered under your upliner the easier and faster you get to receive your own merges and payments through the overflow from your upliner. You have to be conscious of these facts before registering with a referral link that will serve as your upliner.
    If you want to be registered in an active team and receive merges and payments within a week please feel free to register with this link

  20. henry says:

    I would like to know about the 12k I’m supposed to get after upgrading to grade two, is it from the downlines of my direct downlines or the system will match me to 25 people randomly, please I need answers on this because am about upgrading to grade 2

  21. sanipresh says:

    just follow this link and register so that you can get good downline

  22. omotola says:

    please which bank can I send my donation to. please I want to know

  23. dremond says:

    I was just upgraded to grade 1 how many days do I wait to get 30k if I don’t refer any1

    • crewfetch says:

      within the interval of 1month

  24. msuccess says:

    we have a team that work for you to get ur 5downline, just watsapp on 08132690713,you will be given a link to join the group, within a week you get your money back

  25. Ojei, Chuks Victor says:

    Please, how can i know my upliner? I registered since 7/12/16 and wanted to donate by I do not kow the account to pay to…

    • crewfetch says:

      i believe a number should be there for you call, or you click on upgrade button and scroll down, you will see the acct to pay to..

  26. Ojei, Chuks Victor says:

    Please, how can i know my upliner? I registered since 7/12/16 and wanted to donate but I do not know the account to pay to…

    • crewfetch says:

      i believe a number should be there for you call, or you click on upgrade button and scroll down, you will see the acct to pay to..

  27. stanley says:

    i want to upgrade to second level but my upline is still on first stage…wat will i do?

    • crewfetch says:

      Give that your upliner a call, i guess his/her number is there, let the person know that you want to upgrade, so that he / she can upgrade to give you chance, to make your money.

  28. charlesdee says:

    To get ur 30k fast fast just reg tru dis link NO DULLING.

  29. yusuf anyamikegh says:

    if you want to get your payment in two days Then cal this line for more details and fast promotion 08106063160

  30. bolts says:

    this is my referral
    its been a while now and I haven’t seen any downline what do I do?

    • crewfetch says:

      you will get, still hold on

  31. Alex Ocran says:

    To join contact me on 07032306739

  32. Alex Ocran says:

    To get merger fast and receive payment, use my referral link

  33. osasogie says:

    I opened an account dec. 1st and am yet 2 receive payments. No downlines yet,would the system give me spill overs before the pay date pls..

    • crewfetch says:

      yeah, just excise patience till the end of all these season things…

  34. Yahaya Austine Enogwu says:

    I register on 9th December and am yet 2
    receive payment

    • crewfetch says:

      Exercise little patience, you will get your pay..

  35. Why till now I didn’t get my paid I have no body under me since I register on 9th December til date nothing y I want to know please

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